If you want to keep your problems, then, by all means, I invite you to continue to do so. But your attachments to your problems are a distraction from your connection to your True Self, so you may want to let your attachments to your suffering go if you can summon up any amount of energy (no matter how large or small) to do so.

I know that many of you reading this did a lot of “work” (through your karma of thoughts, words, and actions that were led by not only your natural drives and urges but also by your inherited genetic, and adopted sociocultural, and interpersonal traumas accumulated over the years) to get to the point where your problems are so precious to you that you want to keep them all and marinate with them a bit longer. But this attachment is not necessary or suggested if you truly seek peace and liberation.

You are best served letting go of your love affair with your attachment to your burdens in life by recognizing them as gifts and your distorted compulsive responses to them as a sign that you are out of alignment with your True and pure Self-expression.

When you get to a point in your life where anything in your experience, beyond what is actually True, appears to be so precious that you are afraid to let it go, have compassion for your little ego-self and acknowledge that you are hypnotized by Maya, walking around unaware and practically drooling at your overidentification with this false identity as opposed to standing firmly in your boundless potential and True nature that is free of all problems and is overflowing with only solutions.

Since, I am confident that maybe you don’t even really want your problems, to begin with, I invite you to simply let them go…at least start by letting go of your attachment to thinking that your problems will not simply transform into solutions through you as a natural consequence of your desire for them to do so.

Let go and let in boundless grace.

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