The conditions will not always be right to “attract” all worldly desires in any given lifetime. This is true regardless of the power or importance that you give to your desirous attachments in life. The only thing that is certain when it comes to seeking to manifest objects in this world is that your desirous attachments will keep you trapped in the endless Karmic cycle of chasing after objects in the world (tangible and intangible) that will always create a path of suffering and/or destruction.

The conditions are always right, however, for you to become, or to remain, connected with/to your Self and the Truth of your Absolute expression in the world if you are willing to take the necessary first steps to clear away everything that your binding attachments weigh you down with. This purification, and enlightenment, then allows you to become free from clinging and unconscious compulsive behaviors in the world. And this is what then frees you from Karmic entanglement and suffering, setting you on the path to liberation.

Stay true to what matters in life: remaining connected to what is Absolute, and eternal.

“…[W]hen you are free from attachment by connecting to your infinite existence and True Self, finite reality does not disturb or seduce you. You can just simply be in it while remaining connected to your divinity, observing how experience moves through your body-mind based on the times, conditions, your physical expression and so forth. You do not become attached to these things as who you are.

This is why you are advised to find success in areas of life that are Truly important and meaningful without getting attach to the fleeting expression of anything as who you are. Cultivate connection to your spirit that will outlast your body and your worldly possessions, and will even outlast the world itself, since the world is (as long as if may exist for) temporary, while you are eternal. Create success in cultivating a mind free of greed, bias, hatred, and ignorance. Work to develop success at being a human being…who transcends your animal attachments and limitations and frees your Self from karmic entanglements in the world” (Episode 73).

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