There is unconditional, unbounded, creative energy flowing through your body-mind at all times, setting the right conditions for fulfillment, healing, joy, wellness, and an abundance of everything else that you need to live your best life possible. The only time that you feel deprived, unfulfilled, or experience any other disturbed state of being, that causes you to suffer, is when, in ignorance (temporary or long-term), you create attachments to, and obsessions over, physical, emotional, and/or mental objects that you then karmically tie yourself to.

These karmic attachments (that make you feel like you have to do, say, or think something about a thing desired or unwanted due to feelings of lack of any kind) bind and restrict your energy to a focus on limited form and create distortions in your knowing and experience of your wholeness beyond your body-mind (which is confined to being cyclically satiated, and then deprived, by things “outside of you” when imbalanced). Simply put, placing your attention/focus on objects (tangible or otherwise) ties your energy and sense of identity to them and causes you to forget who you are as unbounded spirit beyond your body-mind because you are constantly/desperately working to satiate your tangible physical vessel and the processing tool it uses to function in the world.

Spirit, manifesting as infinite creative energy and potential at all times, already has/is everything, and already has/is all that is needed or wanted, and this is who you are.

You only ever want more of anything in life because you feel that you do not have enough of it. But when you are connected to the Truth that you are, and can, have and or create what you want, without a sense of depravity, attachment, or desperation, you only take what you need, do what is necessary for you to do, and create that which you are inspired to bring forth…Nothing more, nothing less. Because, what else is needed? You do not use your infinite creative potential to desperately bind yourself to dependence on more things indefinitely into the future.

This is why self-regulation and Self-awareness are key to your inner evolution and success on the Eightfold Path. Self-regulation and Self-awareness support you to develop the necessary skills to effectively flow and channel your infinite abundance of life-force/creative energy into manifesting balance, freedom, and wellness in your body-mind and life, instead of binding you to greed, depravity, and dependency on more things for a sense of fulfillment.

An Example

When you are hungry (not even starving) and trying to cook something delicious, but lack self-awareness or self-control, even if you possess incredible skills, you may sacrifice delicious for done, turn up the heat to try to speed up the process and burn your food (or yourself), try to rush, and, thus, mess up your creation, over-eat, and so forth…all of which will lead to an unsavory meal and experience.

With self-awareness, self-control, and self-confidence in your skills, however, you will be able to make better decisions by temporarily bearing with the discomfort of hunger (or quickly eat a premeal snack) without falling into the delusion of scarcity/urgency that leads to depravity. This preexisting satiation will put you in the optimal position to effectively use your energy to create something inspired, delicious, and nourishing to your body-mind and spirit (that you may even be called to share with others).

The same applies (metaphorically) to other things in life.

What, if anything, are you rushing through, or skillfully and patiently marinating, for a delicious outcome in your life today?

Are you seeing how you are already whole and complete, and simply inspired to expand into more, without attachment to shape, objects, or form?

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Thank you for reading.

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