Your Special, Trauma-Informed & Value-Packed, Transformative Gift To Overcome Suffering

How Can You Use Your Pain As Purification?

By Extracting The Maximum Value From Everything That You Are Currently Going Through, Or Have Been Through, And Using It As An Opportunity To Tap Into Your Full Power…By Showing Up As The “Hero” In Your Life And Clearing Away The Ignorance, Attachments, And Distortions That Keep You Bound…By Growing In Greater Knowledge, Self-Collectedness, Self-Awareness, And Resilience And Using This Clarity And Power To Rise To Higher States Of Being And Consciousness In Order To Fully Free Yourself From Bondage To Karmic Entanglements And Suffering (With Unconscious “Others”)Let’s begin…

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suffering and strength
A beautiful butterfly spreads its wings after the struggle of transformation and overcoming the suffering of breaking free from its cocoon. After its struggle, it develops the strength to fly.

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Like your sense of direction and/or faith slipped away, or you made a wrong turn off your path somewhere, since where you are now is not where you (even if you actually “accomplished” your outward goals) expected or intended to be when you set out? Things, and particularly your life, are just not going the way that you aimed them to…You may have worked very hard to get to where you are right now only to realize that this is not “it.” Your toiling away for something that does not resonate with you may currently feel like it was a waste of time/effort/money, and more “accomplishment” in this world, and in this direction, is obviously not what you need…You need to tap into a clearer perspective so that you can move in the right direction that is for you…but how?


Because nothing about what is happening, or has happened, seems to make any damn sense right now. You are wondering: “what the hell?…” “what did I do wrong?…” or “where did things go wrong?” If you lived a “good,” or “pious” life where you were particularly conditioned to do good and expect worldly merits in return (even if being good came naturally/easily to you, and it couldn’t have been any other way), you may be asking: “Where is my reward?” “I thought good things were supposed to happen to good people?” “When is my good Karma, or this Law of Attraction thing that everyone is obsessed with, supposed to kick in?” You may still need to break your conditioning and expectations to fully and clearly see the bigger Truth since none of what was just mentioned was “it.”


Everything seems to be going downhill and doubt is creeping in. Or, it may feel like, no matter how positive you are as you walk your unique path in life (minding your own business), you are constantly and/or randomly getting “attacked” and bombarded from everyone and from all directions. This world, a world, where superficiality, ignorance, and greed seems to rein, just does not seem to have any place of peace for “people like you.” If it is not just the common back-to-back BS of life that you have to juggle having to live in what feels like an abnormally unnatural and torturous society (surly bound for hell-fire if it exists), maybe you happen to be born into a body (of a certain color, gender, ability level, etc) that people just love to hate; they just keep throwing everything from their gross projected delusions, horrifying assumptions, to their hatreds/biases, to their jealousy, and psychological problems your way because of their dysregulation…You have compassion, but, jeeze, is everyone crazy out here, and trying to drag you into their insanity? There does not appear to be an end to this torture in sight; and you don’t like it here. Maybe, on your worst days, you even feel like ending it all, or giving up entirely…Anywhere is better than here, and “who cares?” “What’s the point of living in a world like this anyway?” you may ask…The world seems very ugly and bleak…And to deny this would be a total lie.

Stressed Out?

You…just… “can’t…” Does it feel like everything is waaaay too much to deal with right now? If it’s not one thing (as they say in Jamaica) it’s another…

Depressed Or/And Anxious?

Are you sad and/or worried, or feel unsafe, most of the time (with or without “good reason”) and don’t seem to be able to break out of your funk?

Tense And/Or In Pain?

Is your body in a hyper-alert mode where you are finding it difficult, or impossible, to wind-down, relax…or sleep? Is this lack of ability to relax not only causing you uncomfortable physical sensations, but also creating a negative feedback loop of ongoing distress in your mind, and entire being?


F*%@ this @#%^! Middle fingers up to everybody and everything! No more, and not today, Satan! The fight is on!!!


From your “community” to those you cared for and/or were always there for, no one is there for you…and they certainly never “understood” or “saw” you (based on their consistently–and oftentimes blatantly disrespectful–wrong-assumptions about you and/or your life that they fabricated in their dysregulated and/or hateful minds to feel better about their miserable existence, and/or their trashy behaviors–from the assumption of those closest to you that you/your life is “perfect,” and you are just there for them to endlessly take from without concern or care for your feelings or well-being, to random strangers spitting disrespect and nastiness at you based on their warped imaginations, jealousies, and hatreds that you have nothing to do with)…You don’t think or perceive like “them” and your “difference” is becoming very apparent, as if you are a unicorn or you speak an alien language…Maybe, if you are lucky though, your pet is by your side.

Maybe you even always preferred being alone (your own company was purer than any interaction with most people in this world anyway). But to finally see that no one is actually really there for you, or cares about your well-being, while always appearing in your life to ask you to show up for them (to apparently only exploit your kindness, money, smarts, skills, etc) is a whole different story.

It’s a good thing that being alone is good for you compared to being around them and their parasitic toxicity, or you would surely be screwed.

Overwhelmed And/Or Exhausted

The noise and chaos of the world is just deafeningly cacophonous, and Maya seems to be getting more overwhelming and exhausting each day. It is almost like being stuck in a Twilight Zone episode where there are endless pointless pursuits, people trying to get you to believe, buy, or be distracted by one fleeting thing or another, constant shoving and screaming, and all you want to do is just sit in peace.

Truly Over It…

You cannot deny that your “passion” for divine connection, and something Truer than this world, is stronger than your passion, or desire, for anything else here in this world…You gave the world a chance (with common sense and reason, hopefully…you may have tried everything to make your life feel right in your society, from volunteering, to schooling, churches, “religious” or “spiritual” groups, to jobs, friendships/relationships, places, ideas, supposedly “pleasurable experiences,” and so forth) but you are over it all, and, again, you don’t “fit in,” you don’t want to fit in, and you certainly don’t want any of this in your life…The “world” and its trappings and illusions are just not for you. You knew it deep down, but at least now you are sure since you tried to get along out of courtesy and compassion. Those of you who were particularly self-sacrificing, may even be feeling burned out and depleted from giving too much and not getting anything in return. You now know for sure that nothing in the play/game is “for you”…You are working on accepting this and moving forward, but separation from what is “familiar” (especially when there is no roadmap or model for your way of being in the world), even from ideologies, things, people, places that are not for, or good to/for, you is hard. You are done…but still grieving. And people (yes, those same ones who never made you feel safe, loved, appreciated, or invited) are trying to convince you that you should try to fit in, stay around them, and/or have a certain kind of “normal” warped psychology that blends with them and supports their abuses and ignorance, but you are done with them and only want to be free to be your Self (and, most likely, also to be away from them). You don’t hate the world, or the people of the world (because you do not hate yourself to torture yourself like that), but you don’t want anything to do with this world, or its people (to be blatantly honest).

If you are committed to a stronger connection with your divine expression, long for the freedom to live in your unbounded joy that is free from the entanglements of Maya and the delusions of this world, but you are still, or just currently, struggling to make sense of your life or path, working to overcome a past, recent, or ongoing stressor or trauma…Or, you just generally feel stuck and/or defeated by the things that you have and/or continue to go through in life–whether it be from a recent loss or change, or from anything else that has caused you great distress and overwhelm–it is easy to feel that the current obstacles and challenges that you are facing will either destroy you entirely, that your suffering will last longer than you can actually bear, or that these trials will certainly ruin any “progress” that you have made so far on your journey.

But, since you are reading this now, which means that you are moving in the direction of change, and obviously care about your positive movement forward, I am here to remind you that your negative thoughts are simply not true!

Please remember that this suffering is happening for you, and not to you. Your suffering is only revealing a Truth that you need to see…by coming into enough alignment to clearly see it…a Truth that will surely assist you with liberation and higher connection to a greater Reality that encompasses unbounded, unconditional Love and goodness, and, in which True joy awaits you.

Instead of asking “why is this happening to me,” or “what am I doing here,” or worst, “what am I doing, or did I do, wrong?” when you did absolutely nothing wrong (I know that some of you are being gas-lighted and fighting with the psychological invalidation and warped projections and distorted thinking/lies of those around you, near or far), consider inquiring: What if this current struggle, or place, is exactly what I needed, or where I needed to be, to remind myself of how strong, capable, and connected I am to a higher Truth, power, and purpose that cannot be corrupted by anything or anyone? Obviously (and thank goodness), your suffering makes you recognize that a world of illusion, toxicity, and ignorance is not for you. Places, things, people, and so forth that are full of ______ [fill in the blank] (mild, medium, intense, etc) do not resonate with your spirit, and, so, what is for you?

Well, you are here reading this today because you need support moving past the pain of recognizing/looking at the senseless ugliness of this world, which means that you are either still journeying to a place of beauty free from pain, or you are still learning to relax and accept that you have already arrived/are already there in that place, which can only be found within…a place of beauty and goodness that when you look at this instead, supports you to tune out the chaos around you and to settle into an unshakable peace that you can create anywhere and at anytime, and even while still journeying to where it is more suitable for you to be.

You have clearly (if you feel all or most of the emotions listed above) renounced the illusions and attachments of the world (not even by “choice” per say, but by your natural evolution)…Yet, you are still grappling, not just with the trauma of having seen the illusion for the destruction that it is, but with the grief of “separation” from it, even though you know that there is nothing in this world that is “worth” holding on to more than your connection to the Absolute, eternal, higher, Reality…

The only question now, therefore, is whether the Absolute Reality is Real enough to you yet? Have you cleared away enough of your attachments to fully see, and know, the Truth of your higher existence with unwavering confidence, so that you can finally settle into your own nature?

It is OK if you are not there yet, just as long as you keep moving forward. You are in the liminal stage of transitioning away from a lower existence that you never quite fit into, but may still have “feelings for” (most of which are crappy) and into a greater Truth to which you do belong. This is good news, but the change will still be very intense on all levels, which is why I have created this gift for you.

I am here to support you to successfully transition to the next level in your inner evolution successfully with the least amount of suffering.

It’s Time To Step Out Of The Illusion That Binds You And Give Yourself The Compassion and Love That You Deserve By First Grounding Yourself In Some Basic Truths:

Before Moving Forward

  1. Nothing here on Earth, including your suffering, lasts forever. Everything here has a beginning, cause, and an end, and you can even become liberated from suffering entirely (these are the Four Noble Truths) and freedom from suffering can be gained by walking the Eight-Limbed (Yogic Eightfold) or any other true spiritual Path.
  2. Nothing, including your suffering can “ruin” you, “destroy” you, or “hold you back” in life (unless you want it to, so make a decision that it won’t). You have that power and right. Every other perspective, including any outside false and limited perceptions/judgments from others (who have most likely held themselves back and wish to see you stuck in the doldrums with them), is based on ignorance and is pure delusion–pay no mind to anything except the unchanging Truth that was just shared with you above.
  3. You have survived, and are surviving, everything that you have been through so far, and so, I would like to remind you now (and hope that it remains permanently fixed in your subconscious mind), that you are strong. The suffering that you are experiencing, and/or have experienced, does not define “you,” nor stop anything that you are moving toward. Nothing defines or limits you in this world; you are unbounded, pure potential, and infinite/eternal spirit, embodied into creative form. Everything, aside from the Truth of your eternal incorruptible nature, is an illusion that you are best served not taking too seriously or holding onto.
  4. You do not have to play endless games of karmic pursuit and drama with society and unconscious others. It is good that the madness does not resonate with you. You are free to opt-out of the craziness and dysfunction and to open up to the higher Love/connection that is right for you. You are free to merge fully into the unceasing awareness of your inherent wholeness/oneness that is already coming through, and is always present. Integrating your True nature/expression, as this wholeness, beyond the illusions of the world, will fix both your disconnection and your suffering.

How Can You Effectivly Move Forward From Here?

Transform Into A Bona Fide Yogi (A Being Who Is Connected/Balanced In Body-Mind And Spirit And Free From Lower Conditioning And Destructive And Binding Ignorance/Karmas), Not Just A Dysfunctional Ego In A Bendy-Body, So That You Can Overcome All Of Life’s Challenges And Obstacles With Confidence While Staying Grounded In The Higher Reality And Moving To Deeper Connection With Your Divine Expression

With the right knowledge/understanding, support, and effort, you can use any obstacles that you encounter in life to personally evolve, become even stronger than you are right now, grow to become more resilient so that you are less disturbed by the storms and BS that you encounter in life, and you can gain a deeper connection with your Self, which, as mentioned before, can free you from the suffering attached to over-identification with your ego-body-mind and its interfacing with/in this world of illusion sustained by ignorance.

Your growth, because of what you went through, or are currently going through, can allow you to step more fully into unbounded joy, fulfillment, peace, and spiritual Liberation.

Your positive movement forward to the lasting and unshakable joy of higher connection is what your life now has to offer because of what you endured and overcame (no matter how shaken up, scattered, or shattered, you may feel right now in your body-mind and/or your life).

Now that you have experienced deep pain and sorrow, you are ready to grow and move beyond it. You just have to want your freedom and be willing to do the inner work for it!

Sutra Studies Week 48 Episode Preview. Free Spirit Members Can Listen To The Full Episode.

This space serves as a portal of support where you can rest in the transformative energy of understanding and awareness that transports and evolves you into higher states of being and living beyond your suffering in this lifetime.

Here, You Are Seen, And Supported

It’s Your Time To Blossom And Expand!

It appears (because you are viewing this page, which means that you are now one step away from entering into an expanded world of applicable Yogic knowledge that will improve your life in every way, once implemented) that you are ready to move beyond a casual exploration of shallow “healing” modalities that get you nowhere, to do the deep inner work that will create lasting transformation and connection within you and your life.

Come on in! You are welcome! I will support you with getting started on the most time-tested and successful route to inner transformation back to your wholeness beyond the suffering that exists in this world, using a practical, personally verified, and well-backed, science known as the Yogic Eight-limbed/Eightfold Path.

If you are now ready to move deeply inward on this journey beyond the trappings and suffering of this world (whether your toes are wet with Yogic understanding and you currently have confidence that you can safely navigate through the metaphorical waters of your inner spaces to build greater inner proficiency, connection, and clarity at this very moment, or not), let’s start moving you toward the full Liberation and joy that is your birthright, starting today!

A fragrant lotus grows toward the light, and blossoms out of the darkness of mud and filth that it was seeded in.

Practicing, Aligning, And Moving Forward

Access The Tools That You Need To Get Started | A Solid Foundation In True Transformation Is My Value-Packed, Life-Changing Gift To You

To begin, I will congratulate you on coming to the right place! This arrival to the right place (at the right time–noting that you are now fit enough to move forward) is an important milestone, key turning point, and vital step in your evolution. Well done!

When you become a Free Spirit Member here, you will gain access to expanded free resources on this site to enhance your Yogic knowledge/understanding, improve your personal practice, and deepen your connection with your Self, as you journey inward to the balance and strength that supports you to break free from the binds of your suffering. If you are now ready to move beyond the chaos, illusions, noise, and perpetual misery in/of this world to something Truer and higher, then the inward journey that you will be supported through in this space is the right step forward for you.

Free Spirit Membership here is my compassionate gift to you. It will:

  • Give you access to two crucial self-paced courses.
    • One on healing/overcoming trauma in your body-mind so that you can more effectively connect to spirit and the greater Reality.
    • Another that serves as a valuable introduction to Yoga and Meditation and walking the Eight-Limbed Path toward a successful inner liberation (access opening soon).
  • Give you the ability to view exclusive content, powerful resources, and valuable worksheets on this site for practical integration of the important knowledge being shared here so that no key principle goes unapplied on your journey for maximum benefit moving forward.
  • Allow you to listen to our premium podcast episodes that dive deeply into the transformative science of spiritual evolution outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which will get you from any state of confusion that you are experiencing to full confidence in yourself and your abilities to overcome any obstacle in life and on your inner journey.
  • You will also have the ability to access/follow along with a number of transformative Guided Meditations to gain or strengthen your mental clarity, connection, and inner serenity.
  • A free copy of, and guidance through, my Change And Transition Management Guide to empower you through the stages of transition that range from sadness and anger to bargaining, and everything in between, to help you through this stage in your life.
  • Plus, much more…

All of these resources (those mentioned, those unmentioned, and those to come) are designed, and arranged, to support you to build the necessary inner awareness and foundation to evolve to the next level in your development beyond your pain and into your full, flourishing, Self.

I have complete confidence that if you make effective use of the resources that are provided to you here, you are guaranteed to see a positive transformation in your life and in yourself.

Are You Ready To Start Moving Toward Greater Joy And Liberation?

A Reminder About Who This Is For…

This Gift Is For Those Who Truly Want, And Are Willing To Work For, Meaningful Inner Transformation And Self-Mastery That Leads To Liberation.

This work is for those who are ready to move beyond superficial “personal development” focused on chasing after objects and fleeting experiences in the world. It is for those who have moved, or are ready to move, beyond superstition, ego-satiation, and fantasy and to anchor themselves in the higher, Spirit-centered Reality. It is for those who have graduated from ego role-plays and empty, depravity-fueled, rat-races (which does not mean that you do not work for a living or in life, but that you do not work to chase after things–that range from objects, to applause, to experiences) to expand into a deeper and more eternally fulfilling, inner wholeness grounded in an eternal Truth that is infinitely fulfilling.

Here, you will concentrate your energy and attention, not on manifesting objects, karmic entanglements, and further attachments due to endless cycles of greed, lack, “not-enoughness,” and depravity, but will, instead, create higher inner abundance through connection with your unbounded Self, freeing yourself from the illusions and trappings that keep our species tied to suffering indefinitely in the world.

If this sounds right for you, then, and only then, please proceed.*

*Please note that this gift (as with all of my work) is for Yogic inner/spiritual development, Educational, and Coaching purposes only. What we do here is not Therapy. If you feel that what you are experiencing is a psychological illness that requires medical attention, even if you are just temporarily overwhelmed with so much distress that you need to make sure that you are not ill and be cleared by a doctor, please alternatively seek out the appropriate medical guidance for you. Coaching and Yogic education are both resting on the premise that you are well and need further alignment and support to overcome normal obstacles in life and move to greater wholeness. Trauma is not a psychological disease, although it is accompanied, and identified, by body-mind dis-ease. Trauma is, instead, a state of psychophysical dysregulation, that is a normal autonomic response to systematic overwhelm. If you feel/believe that you are ill and need support with your illness beyond Trauma-Informed empowerment and support, please see a licensed doctor. You can always come back here when you are ready :).

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