Asanas Tips/Challenges

Yoga Tip/Challenge # 12: Do Not Overdo Or Overuse Any Pose Or Flow

Although consistent progressive action will build strength and resilience in your Yoga practice, excessive repetitive poses and movements can be damaging to your body’s ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and bones over time. Always be sure that you add healthy variety to your … Read More

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Yoga Tip/Challenge # 8: Trust That Your Body Will Not Break If You Stretch It Further

Trust your body. It has gotten you this far! Trust that it will not break if you stretch it further.

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Yoga Tip/Challenge # 7: Breathe Through, And Then Breathe Out, Physical And Mental Tension

Do something every day to maintain good health and to care for your body, mind, and spirit by breathing and stretching into the parts of you that are stuck, stagnant, and tense, and are, therefore, not fully alive and vibrant.

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