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Your body-mind is a part of Creation, and, it is an important part of life on your spiritual/inner journey.

Although your body-mind is not who you are, and you should, therefore, not spend too much time superficially obsessing about it (like most people tend to do about things like their weight/shape outside of avoiding the extreme of obesity or emaciation, or their hair outside of temperature control/scalp protection), growing unhealthy attachment to their body-mind, or blindly becoming a slave to its every urge, your body-mind (at its core) also does not “belong” to you or anyone else in this world either, and so, neither you nor anyone else (in your limited form) has the right to violate, objectify, neglect, and/or valuate it.

Your body-mind belongs to Creation itself and is simply in your individual/personal care, made from temporarily “borrowed” atoms that will return to all that is, to get you through your journey back to Union with your Self. Your only job is to take care of it and keep it “balanced” to the best of your ability.

You are, therefore, best served, supporting the health of your body-mind as a sacred temple/vessel entrusted to you for the purpose of experiencing life in limited form while connecting with the Absolute within you and all of existence to which it truly belongs. You are best served seeing your body-mind as a sacred space for coming home to/settling into your Self, since abandoning/denying your body-mind altogether, not only creates unnecessary problems/obstacles in life, but never changes the Truth of who you are, nor will harming your body-mind show/make it so that you are not still holding on to attachment to form.

This is why, instead of encouraging ascetism, which often and in many ways, violates, desecrates, and/or harms/neglects the body-mind for the sake of “proving” or “learning” that it is not who you are, the Eightfold-Path, and many forms of Yoga practice, encourage you to care for your body-mind’s energic, and other constitution, to keep it balanced/harmonious.

Here, we do not identify with our body-minds, but we do honor its role on our journey and we surrender our care of it, our actions/thoughts that come from it, and creations by it, over to the Absolute in reverence for our ability to manifest in this form and to know our Self on multiple levels because we remain grounded in who we are beyond fleeting/limited expression/form.

If even Nature/creation itself has honored your expression in this form by providing you with foods/elements/compounds that heal and delight, creating things that make you strong, and keep you well (since it is only ever your misuse/attachment to these things that are your problem, not the things that you are attached to themselves), it is only ignorance that makes it so that you would ignore, neglect, or harm the very vehicle through which “you” journey back home to your Self for any reason (whether it is considered/labeled “spiritual,” social, or otherwise).

This Course, therefore, provides basic tips and information for neutrally caring for your body-mind temple, to keep it well and to heal it when necessary, on your journey through life and while dwelling in the eternal Self.

I invite you to take what is useful, and to ignore what is not useful for you, from this course, since, after all, your body-mind vessel is unique and you should be listening to the needs/intuitions of your body-mind above all else when it communicates what is needed for its well-being on your journey.*

*Please remember that I am not a medical doctor; you are encouraged to seek medical advice if you are in need of that type of assistance. This course is simply for those who are interested in learning some basic Yogic/Ayurvedic/Herbal principles and tips for maintaining balance in their Annamayakosha, who want to join our “conversation” on physical health/wellness (since this course will be ongoing with new materials/information being added when created/as inspired), and who also want to learn some tasty and healthful recipes along the way.