Empowering Higher Self-Awareness, Joyful Living, And Holistic Wellbeing Through Yoga-Meditation Practice

But, not everyone is a good fit for the full scope of this work.

That is OK…Please feel free to participate at whatever level is best for you…especially since I cannot and will not (nor, as a perfectly-content-being-alone introvert, do I want to, in full transparency) work one-on-one with everyone on planet Earth (that is impossible since I am only one human being who, though I have the eternal power of all that is “on my side,” operates my life, my full-time job, my other business, and this spiritual-service-work alone in this physical plane of existence).

To transcend the physical limitation of “being just one person,” I create a variety of different educational materials and tools that I make accessible to everyone at different levels so that anyone who visits this website can benefit from the knowledge being shared here. This includes a number of self-guided courses if you wish to explore the lessons shared here more fully.

When it comes to meeting with students and working with them one-on-one, however, I only work with dedicated and committed students who truly want Liberation.

Please only proceed if you are serious about your growth and evolution and feel that this space can be of value to you in that evolution; if not, then I am sure that there is someone “out there” for you.

Millions of Teachers exist. It is vital (because this is no small thing, and I do this work as a service to a higher calling and not just to make money) that we only work together if I am the right teacher for you and this is the right place for where you are on your inner journey. I value both your life-force energy and mine, and so everyone who wishes to work with me must possess a commitment to live their practice before requesting my personalized guidance and support.

My commitment to your success is complete and unconditional, and I have devoted myself fully to being the best that I can be in this work, so I select my students carefully. Your commitment to your growth has to be complete before meeting with me. Period.

I do not work to talk anyone into anything.

I Teach to raise, cultivate, and deepen awareness…providing you with, and reminding you of, knowledge, tools, and skills that enlighten your body-mind and being and promote wholistic wellness on all levels.

I Coach to support you with developing a practice and lifestyle that integrates your knowledge and keeps you firmly on your path toward higher fulfillment.

My role is to Empower you to effectively use your inner knowledge, discernment, and spiritual connection to overcome obstacles and to gain Liberation from ignorance and suffering in this lifetime.

I am here to support you with Realizing your Self for your Self, not to become dependent on me for the answers/enlightenment that you must give to yourself.

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