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I am here to support and empower you to keep practicing, aligning, and moving forward to the liberation and unshakable joy that is your birthright.

-Kidecia King

Her Foundations

Kidecia King serves as a Certified Trauma-Informed, Yoga and Meditation Teacher (CYT | CMT) and Certified Graduate Level Evidence-Based Coach. She also holds designation as a purposeful Communicator, Community Leader, Content Creator, Birth Advocate, and Artist.

Before officially integrating Yoga/Meditation into her work as a Coach (since it was always there on a subtle level), Kidecia engaged in self-inquiry and observation since early childhood and practiced Yoga and Meditation for over 15 years (without ever fully naming her practice Yoga, which she finally did in 2019 when this fact became quite undeniable to her one fateful summer afternoon).

Her Yoga Training/Deepening Research

Though Kidecia has formal training to teach Yoga and Meditation from a number of different programs/schools, and she continues to learn as much as she can about her field as she grows her expertise through observational and comparative analysis, integrating other scientific and spiritual understandings into her work to underscore or highlight certain aspects of her teaching and practice, she did not learn Yoga from anyone in particular. As the Bhadavad Gita states, and Kidecia knows well, Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the Self.

Yoga was a natural part of Kidecia’s life since she began pondering existence at a young age, a part of her life that Yoga Studies (which includes everything from nutrition, anatomy, ancient spiritual philosophy, herbalism, physiology, and more), as a formal disciple, greatly deepened and expanded when she began studying the phenomena and practice as a teachable skill, noting how perfectly the field of study as a whole complemented her already existing educational, life, and inner pursuits. It was when Kidecia started to officially study Yogic history and theory, that she realized that Yoga was already the primary focus in her life (which you can learn more about below) and decided to simply devote her entire life to it.

Her Gurus

The trusted Gurus that Kidecia studies under are life and Spirit, and she “communes” with the ancient sages who left behind their scientific research, like Patanjali, as well explores the discoveries of other “ancient” spiritual and science-focused minds from a wide variety of contexts and areas as a part of her Niyama practice. As a scientist by nature, everything that Kidecia encounters “outside” of the direct knowledge and insights that comes from her multifaceted experiences anchored in observable and intuitive understanding, is scrutinized and “tested” for Truth. Her direct understandings are the cornerstone for how Kidecia shapes her practice and her teaching, and Kidecia, therefore, only teaches what she knows and has verified for herself on her own personal inner journey.

Her Path

Following the inherent progression of the Eightfold Path, after grounding herself in Yama and Niyama practice as a child (and always refining all limbs of her practice as an adult), Kidecia started engaging in Asana and other limbs on the Eightfold Path in high school where she also officially began merging her self/Self-study into her formal education and began practicing structured meditation in college, before she finally devoted herself to the Eightfold Path after integrating/contextualizing her direct personal experiences/understandings with her life-long research/multidisciplinary educational choices that have been focused on the study of Self, Society, and the creation/perception of reality/Reality.

Once Kidecia made an official commitment to her practice as a Yogi (after it supported her to overcome a highly complex trauma in her life) and began to see how she could support others on this path, she started training as an official Yoga/Meditation Guide and Educator to be of greatest service to those who benefit from her work, experience, research, and creations.

Building On/Evolving Her Vocational Experience

As an essential component of her work as a “Human Developer,” Kidecia holds continuous education certification (with ongoing training) as a Trauma Support Specialist with the Arizona Trauma Institute, which has earned her the unofficial title of “Master Healer.” Kidecia, however, since she does not believe that anyone is broken, does not consider herself to be a Healer (knowing that body-minds naturally do this by themselves with the right conditions, internal efforts when required, and proper support); and, instead, acknowledges her work as an “Empowerer,” Guide, Educator, and Coach.

This highlights Kidecia’s commitment to both perform her work with competency and compassion, and it underscores her commitment to building upon her extensive experience and training in Trauma Support work and Trauma-Informed Care after having served the call from her spirit in a number of different capacities that led her to serve a variety of at-risk populations across the United States throughout her early career.

This experience included serving at the WCA (Women’s Center for Advancement) and at Lutheran Family Services in Omaha, Nebraska where Kidecia was honored to lead a Girls’ Leadership Academy program to empower young women to become active agents in their lives and communities, facilitate a Women’s Empowerment Workshop for survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence, and mentor a refugee who escaped her country due to religious persecution.

Having served in these capacities and beyond, as well as healing her own personal traumas throughout life, Kidecia knows a great deal about the realities of working and living with the issue of trauma, toxic stress, and adversity, as well as the realities of healing these things in one’s body, mind, family, community, and society.

Since 2013 (when she started her self-named/self-made Coaching business which allows her to conduct and fund her work/ongoing research independently), Kidecia has coached, taught, and engaged in intentional conversations with others in a wide variety of contexts for thousands of hours, and she continually focuses on maintaining strict personal and professional standards of ethics in her practice and work.

Her Purpose/Calling

In addition to engaging in ongoing continued education for service excellence, Kidecia also engages in continuous self-care, Self-alignment, and personal/spiritual development practice (a requirement in her commitment to herself as a Yogi) to consistently grow, refine, and be her best in this lifetime.

Kidecia knows that her work with others is a calling rather than a choice. If she had a choice (in the full sense of the word), she would be an isolated monk living only in “social connection” with planet Earth, living somewhere secluded with the land, water, air, flora, fauna, and her connection to the Creator as her only contacts and companions (which has been her primarily Earthly goal since childhood and which she fully intends to do once her service in society is officially complete). For now, however, she simply accepts her physical existence among others within her species and within the context of society and performs her duties with humility since she is, at her core, fully aware of the honor to be entrusted with work that exists in service to the Truth of our collective oneness in any capacity.

Kidecia recognizes that her capabilities, birth, personal experiences/learnings, natural aptitudes, interests, skills, and unshakable empathetic desire to help others reduce their suffering through personal empowerment and the development of skills toward self-awareness, higher self-expression, and self-sufficiency are why this site exists.

Kidecia knows that her work is only to fulfill her Dharma/duty that has been determined by The Creator based on her unique place and expression (and she was made very aware of this on a personal level throughout numerous points in her life, so she knows that she has no choice). She gives all credit for her ability to do this work to “The Source/Creator” since she is only a vessel through which the Creator’s work can be done in this world in whatever way it needs to manifest through her. So, every day, she strives to serve this Truth to the best of her abilities by getting out of the way and allowing the divine to use its powers to do what needs to be done through her unique expression.

Building On/Evolving Her Expertise

Kidecia’s undergraduate (and pre-undergraduate) studies were multidisciplinary and focused on how humans perceive and create reality and how this reflects in society and within themselves. She studied everything from Neuroscience and Psychology, to Anthropology, Philosophy, Media Studies/Communication, Art, and Biology to pursue this interest, but chose a concentration in Sociology and Comparative Literature as her area of certification (since these areas of study allowed her to combine all of the other disciplines into a specialized, independent, and integrated focus that has allowed her to study herself/the Self on multiple levels). She later added Physics to her self-study after graduation.

During her undergraduate years, Kidecia conducted extensive independent research (in Varanasi, India) focused on human birth and birth rituals (activities/performances that create and reinforce identities, states of consciousness, norms, etc) which she later continued in the United States. She continues her birth-focused advocacy research independently today (learn more here).

All of Kidecia’s foundational studies throughout her life are continuously being refined and developed within her overall work as she moves forward with her writing and other projects, learning more and gaining insight through practice, work, and living life, and more deeply integrating her knowledge and experiences along the way.

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Every day, Kidecia works to integrate her love of learning, communication, music, and the Creator into her work, and she lives a simple, self-sufficient, eco-friendly, lifestyle with her companion cat, Nina.

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, and a hermit by preference and choice, Kidecia works from home in both her Yoga/Meditation and her Customer Service-based businesses. Kidecia loves nature, cooking, crafting, yoga/meditation, singing, dancing, writing, music, learning, listening/observing, and creating.


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