Week 8: Gaining Control Of The Mind Through Practice And Non-Attachment

“[M]ental modifications (vrittis/distortions) are restrained by practice and non-attachment.”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Sutra (Thread) or Lesson12: Abhyasa Vairagyabhyam Tannirodhah

Abyasa: practice | Vairagya: non-attachment (abhyam: by both) | Tad (tan): they | Nirodhah: restrained

The two key things that are required in order to gain control of our mind, and achieve results on our Eightfold Path, are practice and non-attachment.

Everyday, we must make it our goal to practice our Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, Pranayamas, Pratyaharas, Dharanas, and Dhyanas as we strive to reach Samadhi. And everyday, as we practice, we may experience slip ups as we work towards perfection.

It is, therefore, vital that we not only make it our habit to continue to practice each day in order to move forward with consistent effort toward our goal of self-mastery, but that we also make it our goal to remain unattached to any outcome of our practice within any given day or moment in time as well.

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Week 7: Reflections On The Five Types Of Mental Distortions According To Patanjali

From wishful thinking, to the spinning and outright denial of truth, our species has created societies that are often shaped by nothing more than illusions, or to draw from Plato’s infamous story of the cave, shaped by nothing more than mere shadows on a wall, and by the thoughts, words, and actions (karma) that result from them.

Week 7: Reflections on The Five Types Of Mental Distortions According To Patanjali
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