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On Being (Beyond Illusion)

Humans are constantly looking for perfection in form when this type of perfection is not possible. Many seek perfection in their physical expression that will decay and die. Some seek perfection in their status that will mean nothing if at … Read MoreRead More

“How Do You Stay Aligned When Life Is Sometimes So Full Of Apparent/Perceived Suffering?” [Video]

The only reason for virtually all of your suffering in life is identifying with/reacting to the illusions and noise of the world as opposed to staying connected with the Truth of your Self. … Read More

An I Am Affirmation For Self-Alignment

Neither my body nor my mind is perfect. Only I am perfection. Neither my body nor my mind is free. Only I am freedom. Neither my speech nor my attitude nor my life is immaculate. Only I am immaculate. Only … Read MoreRead More

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