Our Work

“Yoga, Meditation, and Coaching are all non-judgmental, solution-focused support tools that are centered on whole person growth and transformation.”

-Kidecia King

A Solution-Focused Approach To Health, Healing, And Transformation

Our work involves using information, tools, exercises, and processes that are simple, well-supported by research, and are strengths, aptitude, and capabilities-based. These tools create positive changes in your life, mind, body, and spirit, and are all-inclusive in nature. They ask “what can you create with all of the internal and external resources that you possess and are capable of developing?”

With this solution-focused approach, we move from where you are right now (no matter where you have been, and what you have been through) toward a more joyful and integrated future and Self.

Why Yoga and Meditation?

  • They serve as healing sciences of the mind, body, and spirit that support people with becoming the best that they can be in this lifetime.
  • They increase self-regulation and also improve creativity, concentration, and resiliency.
  • They improve people’s capacity to create and experience deeper and longer lasting peace and joy in life.
  • They relax the body and the mind, and help to heal and prevent aches, pains, and tensions while increasing strength, focus, balance, breath/mind control, and flexibility.
  • They empower conscious and peaceful living, which creates positive desired changes in a person’s inner and outer world.
  • They help humans gain freedom from suffering by calming the mind and body.
  • They are backed by proven science and thousands of years of experiential practice.

What We Do Here:

Care For Our Bodies (But Never Over-Identify With Them)

Care For Our Minds (But Never Over-Identify With Them)

Care For Our External Worlds (But Never Over-Identify With Them)

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