I empower positive growth and transformation through Yoga, Meditation, and Coaching: supporting those on the Eightfold Path to consciously create positive, deeply enriching, and powerfully fulfilling changes in their lives and in themselves.

This website provides visitors with a variety of free educational tools, exercises, and resources for starting, improving, and deepening their Yoga and Meditation Practice regardless of income or ability.

I also offer group and individual support services to our community with paid classes and periodic trauma and birth support groups.

Student Subscribers here have access to ongoing and continually growing premium content, can attend community meetings and advanced classes, and have the ability to sign-up to receive one-on-one personalized coaching support from me based on availability.

For Whom And Why?

My work is intended to help reduce the suffering of anyone who finds it useful on their life’s journey. I do this work as a service to our collective oneness.

At Its Core, Yoga/Meditation Practice Promises To Support One Of Two Things:

Both choices have the potential to transform the world through your presence…

Learn More:

Please use the links below to navigate through my service offerings.

Full Eightfold Path Support

Alignment & Restoration Classes

Trauma Support Group For “Black” Women

Birth Support Group For “Black” Women

Are You An Existing Student In Need Of Personalized Support?

Request A Free Inspired Change Strategy Session

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