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What You Need To Know And Remember

This website is designed to serve as a space in which we can practice sharpening and honing our skills as Joyful Creators.

This space is here to hold both you and me accountable for doing the work that is needed in order to move closer toward our highest expressions, missions, and goals each day.

There is no points system here other than the one that you create for yourself, so please be sure to create something good if you create a points system at all.

What You Will Need In Order To Participate

  • Willingness to do the work
  • A journal or sketchbook (both are optional but highly recommended)

How To Participate

Each week, we will start our practice by focusing on one topic in the following ways:

Step 1: Topic Announcement

(Sunday) This is officially our “assignment” release day. Each week, a topic/focus is announced. You will review the topic and read through the accompanying post.

Step 2: Topic Meditation And Practice

(Sunday-Saturday) On your own throughout the week, you will take some time to meditate on, and to practice, the prompt/reflection question presented in our topic announcement post. You can then check in periodically for any additional nudges of inspiration that are shared throughout the week in order to keep you on task.

Step 3: Topic Reflection

(Saturday) Our week will conclude with a story or discussion (posted on the What Are You Creating Today? podcast). On reflection day, we will take some time to sit with and savor our insights/learnings before transitioning to the new topic that will be announced for the upcoming week.