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(The Following Sutras Were Translated Into English By Sri Swami Satchidananda And Are Briefly Summarized By Me [In Brackets] When Applicable.

My Detailed Analysis, Interpretation, And Exploration Of All Of The Aphorisms [In Our Sutra Studies Series] Are Linked In Each Section)*

*Please note that the word “discrimination” (or “discriminative”) used in some of the Swami’s Sutra translations below is not used in the colloquial and common, modern-day, sense of the word, which is associated with bias and social exclusion. This is Yoga and that definition would not make sense or apply in any way. The word “discrimination” here is used in the technical sense of the word, which neutrally means the “ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment” (American Heritage Dictionary). Discernment is a vital skill to develop in your practice, and even the ability to know the difference between which definition of any given word applies in every translation from Sanskrit to English reflects the presence or absence of the skill of “discrimination” or discernment within you. I hope that you did not need that little pep-talk/side-note, but if you did…Well, I understand and have compassion…English is an interesting language where many words have multiple meanings, some that often do not make sense and some where you can clearly see the connection (like if I said “I made some bread yesterday”). Now that you know, you know what to look for moving forward.

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