Surya Namaskar-Sun Salutations | Evolve Above And Beyond The Poses

What, except respect and prayers of gratitude, can you offer to the sun for all that it has given you in your life and to all of life and creation? This video provides a brief overview of the Surya Namaskar–Sun … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 58: Asana, On The Eightfold Path, Is Balanced, Undisturbed, Posture That Creates Fitness On More Than One Level And For [Ultimately] A Non-Physical Spiritual Purpose (Sutras 2.46-2.48)

This page is protected and requires group access … Read More

Regulating Your Body-Mind/self | Part 3-Asana, Society, And The Self | Satsang Full Recording | 11-9-21

This meeting explores the function of Asana in understanding the self/Self and society. In this session/presentation we explore the practical reason for the practice of Asana and how it helps in life and spirituality. … Read More