Sutra Studies Week 65: Reflections On Pure Being: Eternally Untouched And Unchanged By Temporary Form And Fleeting Experience | No More, No Less (3.39-3.50)

“Super-physical accomplishments are obstacles in the same way that disease, doubt, ignorance, hatred, clinging to bodily life, failure to reach firm ground in your understanding and practice or slipping from firm ground, attachment, laziness, carelessness, dullness, sensuality, and false perception … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 65: Check-In | Being Your Own Sanctuary | Remaining Free, Self-Sufficient, And In Peace By Staying Connected To Your Self And The Power Of All That Is Flowing Through You

This page is protected and requires group access … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 64: Check-In | If You Truly Want Liberation, You Must Release Your Attachment To All That Keeps You Trapped

Endless desires will bring you endless suffering. And ongoing attachment to outcomes and objects (tangible and intangible) only leads to ongoing dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment. This is guaranteed. … Read More