“Regulating” Life-Force In Your Body-Mind/Breath | Part 4-Pranayama, Oneness, And The Self | Satsang Full Recording | 11-16-21 [With Video Excerpt]

This meeting provides a brief overview of the different expressions of life-force energy and the function of Pranayama practice in understanding the self/Self and how it is manifested, sustained, and transformed within creation. In this session/presentation we explore the breath, … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 52: Reflections On The Eight Purification Practices To Self-Realization (Sutras 2.28-2.29) [Excerpt]

“This is your Dharana practice for the week.” … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 27: Reflections On The Breath-Mind (And Everything) Connection (Sutra 34)

“[B]reath keeps you functioning optimally on multiple dimensions, from the cellular to the emotional.” … Read More