Sutra Studies Week 13: Contraindications For Samadhi | A Lesson For All Yoga Practitioners, But Particularly For Healers, Teachers, And Those Who Are In Service To Their Spirit, A Cause, Or To Others (Sutra 17)

“Samprajnata samadhi is accompanied by reasoning, reflecting, and pure I-am-ness.” –The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Vitarka Vicaranandasmitanugamat samprajnatah Vitarka: reasoning | Vicara: reflecting | Ananda: rejoicing | Asmita: pure I-am-ness | Anugamat: due to the following, from accompaniment | Samprajnatah: … Read MoreRead More

The Eight-Limbed Path Of Yoga-Part 4: Limbs Seven And Eight | Dhyana And Samadhi

The Context of Your Reality In The Realm Of Connecting With, And Expressing, Your True Nature/Self The last two limbs of the Eight-Limbed Path are focused entirely on your devotion to, and understanding of, your True Self as an aspect/expression … Read MoreRead More