“How Do You Stay Aligned When Life Is Sometimes So Full Of Apparent/Perceived Suffering?” [Video]

The only reason for virtually all of your suffering in life is identifying with/reacting to the illusions and noise of the world as opposed to staying connected with the Truth of your Self. … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 36: Check-In | Total Surrender To Your True Self

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A Reminder For Each New Moment

Do not become attached. … Read More

Trauma Healing and Coping Tip: Acceptance

Acceptance of what happened is an important part of your healing process. Acceptance does not mean excusing any wrongdoing if you were harmed. Acceptance is not a denial of reality in order to feel better in the moment by suppressing … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 25: Check-In | Finding And Creating Inner Peace (Even Through Pain)

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Sutra Studies Week 25: The Trauma And Suffering Caused By Separation From The Source And The True Self (Sutras 31-32)

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The Yoga of Coping With Racial Trauma: Protecting Yourself And Your “Black” Children From The Internal (And External) Damage Inflicted By Hatred

“[S]uddenly there was Sweet Home rolling, rolling, rolling out before her eyes, and although there was not a leaf on that farm that did not make her want to scream, it rolled itself out before her in shameless beauty. It … Read MoreRead More

The Importance of Stress Reduction For Optimal Heart Health And Overall Well-Being

Our hearts, brains, and guts are key control centers for processing and managing emotions and for keeping us alive, well, and fully functioning as we navigate through life. And the effects of stress on each of these centers, and, therefore, … Read MoreRead More