Trauma Support

From despicable atrocities to “mundane” everyday stresses and “toxicities” that build up over time, to socially acceptable misconducts that you may carry the burden of bearing, to shameful injustices, terrifying accidents and incidents, personal and social mistreatments, over-identification with your past, your ego, and other illusions that lead to suffering, and so forth, I am trained and prepared to support all shapes of individuals, individual life experiences, and individual psyches, with success in their Yoga/Meditation practice despite anything that they have been through as human-beings living on planet Earth.

My work is designed and structured to support all people (with their active participation and willingness, of course) with reducing their suffering and spiritual-imprisonment.

I guide those who are suffering (in any capacity) to the liberation that they seek through Yoga and Meditation education and practice.

I do this because I know that no suffering individual is excluded from obtaining liberation; this is reflected in the Four Noble Truths.

Everything, and everyone is connected to the unchangeable Truth of our shared divinity and freedom. So, I, therefore, welcome and guide those on the Eightfold Path (those who are using their intelligence and internal power to choose to gain freedom from, instead of enslavement to, this cycle) to higher states of consciousness and Union with their True Self.

If you are willing and courageous enough to heal the energetic aspects of your physical-mental-emotional body and to prepare and direct your freed up power towards realizing your highest potential as a human-being in this lifetime, I will provide the safe space and non-judgmental support for you to do so. I am not, however, and this should be noted, a medical professional. If there is a “medical/mechanical issue” that you need to address to get the most out of your Yoga/Meditation practice, you are encouraged to deal with it.

I serve in the capacity of a Yoga/Meditation Teacher/Guide/Coach and work in the realm of your subtle body and being. Work with your physical body and mind are only incidental to my actual work on the intangible parts of your being. I will always refer you to a doctor when/if appropriate for physical or psychological issues, and this can be a crucial part of our work together on your path since correcting these issues will provide you with more energy and attention to effectively do your inner work effectively.

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