Eight-Limbed Yoga-Meditation

Welcome To My Virtual Ashram, Beautiful Creator!

An ashram is a sacred space separated from the noise of society and devoted to making effort toward liberation. I provide quality education, resources, and support for you to reach this aim. How, and how far, you go/get on your unique inner journey, however, is completely up to you. I invite you to go all the way.

Empowering Pure Inner Connection Through The Transformative Science Of 8 Limb Yoga Practice

Hi, there! My name is Kidecia King. I Teach, Coach, and create artistic and educational content and courses to support dedicated Yogis who are courageously journeying inward and upward on their Eightfold Path to develop the knowledge, balance, discernment, resilience, skill, confidence, and focus that are required to bring greater inner peace and higher spiritual awareness and freedom into being.

Here, you are empowered to use your innate gifts, capabilities, and strengths to effectively Self-Regulate, gain Self-Mastery, overcome the stresses and challenges of life, and succeed in fulfilling your potential for True peace, joy, and body-mind-spirit integration while rising to higher states of being and consciousness in this lifetime.

This work moves you beyond the goal of simple “self-improvement,” and “healing,” to do arguably the most important work of Self-Realization/Liberation that any human being can undergo in any lifetime. Attaining this goal is what frees you from the perpetual cycle of Karma/suffering caused by ignorance in the world. It is only after reaching this goal that you can fully, freely, and purely live for more than the animal body-mind-ego attachments that keep you trapped in lower states of consciousness/being.

Simply put, you are empowered to join me and my small community here in living connected to your True Self and Source through Yoga-Meditation practice.


Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment & Integration

On this site, because I honor and value your individual (and our collective) spirit, I provide professional, experienced, ethical, and humanistic, support to dedicated individuals and groups to empower their highest expression in the world.

Firstly, I invite you to take a look around my website since you can learn more about my Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based, work/experience and get a feel for what my approach and teaching style are that way.

Before choosing a level of participation, start your browsing experience by listening to my What Are You Creating Today Podcast, or begin by visiting my blog to see what recent topics I am discussing and join the conversation! The Archives page is a great place to start!

After taking a look around, if you wish to gain further support from me, you can sign up to Join A Group at the appropriate level for you once you decide that you are truly committed to your growth in this way (because commitment is a pre-requisite for success on your journey at a minimum).

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Get Structured Education & Support

Getting started here costs only your commitment to your Self!

Like with all inner development in life; you get the results of the quality and quantity of energy that you put into your practice! Excellent, high-quality, education is provided here, and, as a Teacher and Coach, I simply invite, empower, and support you to apply the knowledge shared here for success on your path!

Education (accompanied by initial practice) is the foundation of this journey, and to me, this work, like the connection to all spiritual knowledge, is priceless, sacred, and cannot be quantified or reduced to an exchange for cents and/or dollars (or anything else in this world for that matter, especially since life experience, inner work, and practice is the True “price” that one pays for inner “success”). I, therefore, do not sell Yoga/Meditation education–I simply teach my insights and understandings as a form of service and I invite dedicated and discerning Yogis to join me in this space devoted to the presence of Truth (the Absolute, unchanging, Truth), and to go further if they wish to do so. Walking the path is the real “reward,” and so, how much money I make educating others is irrelevant to my calling to serve in this capacity.

There are no “strings” attached here. Here is what you need to know to move forward: Test this learning space out for yourself. Then move forward if this work/community elevates you. Basic membership here is free ($0–like a basic trial version) and includes a growing list of specialized courses, access to full premium podcast episodes, and more.

Full Student enrollment/participation is on an honor system of “pay what you can fairly and honestly afford.”

Both levels of participation require undergoing an approval process–like admissions into any dedicated long-term higher learning community. Money is not the key that will get you through the “doors” here, and passive enrollment alone will not keep you here. I sponsor/fund and maintain the membership portion of this space so that all of my students can succeed individually and as an empowered/empowering community, whether they choose to eventually get personalized coaching from me or not.

If approved to move beyond basic membership, being a Full Student allows you to view all premium content and courses on this site and to participate in our live meetings and classes regardless of your income level.

Please note that membership access here is tiered and based on eligibility for a reason. Anyone can view the open content here casually, but, to go further you must be a Free Spirit Member. To dive even deeper, you can then become a Full Student Subscriber, and only Full Student Subscribers can request to receive one-on-one support from me (then at a “set” monetary cost), because our true work in this space occurs within the context of a safe, trusting, sacred, and healthy student-teacher/coach relationship, and within a supportive and enriching community. The tiered structure that you go through allows us to gradually get to know each other and to effectively assess whether we are a good fit for working together in this important and committed way. Membership learning/practice here is to set the groundwork for the bigger work that we do together in our one-on-one sessions.

Always remember that optimal mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical health comes through the practice of allowing yourself to fully be who you are (nothing less than a divine being embodied in human form)! Our work here is to liberate and radiate your divine essence, and the light that is eternally present within you, into your body-mind and life so that you can gain the most from this one life experience that you exist within–in your particular form.

Yoga/Meditation is simply the process through which we move to support you with clearing away the distortions that get in the way of the full expression of your divinity.

An Intro To Trauma-Informed Care

What is the ego? Click Here To Learn More

Trauma-Informed care here is an acknowledgment that every human being is inherently whole with the capacity to create balance in their body-mind and spirit. Here, I empower everyone to safely come into their True (undistorted) Self while holding them in unconditional positive regard.

Through these practices, you allow the full clarity of the Truth and Light of your pure, undistorted, Self to shine through, and to rest peacefully within you (even while living in Maya and navigating through the chaos, nonsense, distractions, obstacles, pleasures, sufferings, and illusions of the world, beyond which there is a higher Truth).

I know that you have everything that you need within you to create the inner connection and higher expression that you seek. The fact that you are even here is an indication that you feel that Yoga/Meditation can help. This path (which is not any set style of practice, but serves as an integrated path) of inner evolution, however, is not a calling for everyone although it is always open to anyone.

Those who seek only temporary distraction and entertainment, or dependency on a person to worship, will not find it here (although we do have quite a bit of fun and respect as we learn, grow, laugh, connect, and play). This space is for something greater than human, and other forms of, worship. No one needs to kiss my feet or stroke my ego; I will not present either of these things for you to bow down to. In this space, we fully acknowledge that we are all expressions of the same, and one, “Absolute.”

The Truth of our inherent divinity is what we honor here. Do not proceed if you are looking to focus on something else.

Lasting joy/liberation is what comes from this level of commitment and focus on living your highest Truth. And experience, practice, and reflection are what will take you from simple belief/hope to powerful knowing…from latent potential to Self-Actualization.

So, if you know that this (8 Limbs) path is for you (and you are ready and willing to honestly walk/open up to it), let’s see what light we can reveal together here beautiful Creator?

Are You Ready To Begin?

Since I have faith that you are, let’s get started!

Choose An Offering

Student Subcribers can Enroll In All General Courses For Free*


Yoga 101: Developing A Meaningful And Effective Personal Practice | Crafting Your Best Sadhana


Your Yogic Breath | Developing An Effective Pranayama Practice


Building Resilience Through Yoga/Meditation | Self-Regulation And Basic Trauma-Informed Healing Techniques

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*Our One-On-One Onboarding Course requires consultation and approval. You Must Be A Full Student To Complete That Process. One-On-One Meetings/Packages Are A Separate Offer Than Group Membership And Grouped Yoga/Meditation Services.

The Essence Of What It Means To Be A Creator Here

As above so below.

As an expression of the “Absolute Source/Creator” (pure unlimited latent potential) that has brought all that is into existence, you are the mirrored embodiment of creative energy.

Through your thoughts, words, and actions (Karma), you impact the world and all of creation, which is intertwined and connected as one back to the Source.

Since our only focus is to connect to and live in this Truth here at all times, I refer to everyone who engages with my work through this recognition of our shared divinity and oneness.

Namaste and welcome beautiful Creators: The divinity in me recognizes, and honors, the divinity in you.

Important Note

There is no religion in the spirituality explored here. We serve no man-made God, nor do we honor any projections of God onto any one person/people as a form of lower-self worship. The Absolute, and the Absolute Truth, are the only thing that we revere here. Understanding that there is some spirituality in some religions, however, I invite you to please note that you can still keep your religion, if you wish to do so, and simply begin living your Yoga practice!

At Its Core, Yoga/Meditation Practice Promises To Support One Of Two Things:

Both choices have the potential to impact, uplift, and transform the world through your presence…

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