Trauma-Informed Yoga & Meditation

This is a learning and development space that supports those who are journeying inward and upward on their Eightfold Path to succeed in their passage to higher states of consciousness and being.

You are empowered to live connected to your True Self and Source through Yoga and Meditation practice here.

On this site, because I honor and value your individual (and our collective) spirit, I provide experienced, ethical, and humanistic, support to dedicated individuals and groups.

Firstly, I invite you to take a look around my website since you can learn more about my work and experience and get a feel for what my approach and teaching style are that way.

Much of what you can find here is free for you to learn and grow from. So please feel welcomed to browse through a large number of posts and podcast episodes here without any commitment. You can use the search feature in the footer if you are looking for something specific.

To access articles, content, and recordings that go beyond a casual browsing experince and involve a bit more commitment to exploring the concepts and lessons shared here, you can sign-up to view more advanced resources and information at no cost as a Free Spirit Member.

If you are truly devoted, however, to engaging with the content here while journeying on your Eightfold Path (because you feel that it would be of value for you to do so), and you would like to access to all premium content and full length articles, including those from our Sutra Studies, join our Student Community! When you become a Student Subscriber, you have access to all courses, classes, and content designed to support you with taking more intentional, informed, and conscious steps toward strengthening your connection with your Ultimate Truth (this includes joining all live meetings and classes free of additional charge). Learn more about our Student Community Here.

Before choosing a level of participation, you can start your browsing experince by listening to the What Are You Creating Today Podcast, or by visiting my blog to see what recent topics I am discussing and join the conversation!

After taking a look around, if you wish to gain further structured support from me, you can sign up to work with me one-on-one through individualized coaching/guidance (if you are truly commited to your growth in this way).

Always remember that optimal mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical health comes through the practice of allowing yourself to fully be who you are (nothing less than a divine being)! Yoga and meditation can support you with clearing away the distortions that get in the way.

Through these practices, you allow the full clarity of Truth and Light to shine through, and to rest peacfully within you (even while living in Maya and navigating through the chaos, nonsense, distractions, obstacles, pleasures, sufferings, and illusions of the world).

I know that you have everything that you need within you to create the inner connection and higher expression that you seek. The fact that you are even here is an indication that you feel that Yoga can help. This Eightfold Path, however, is not a calling for everyone although it is always open to anyone. And those who seek only distraction and entertainment will not find it here. If you know that this path is for you (and are willing to honestly walk it), let’s see what light we can reveal together here beautiful Creator?

Are You Ready To Begin?

Since, I have faith that you are, let’s get started!

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What Does It Mean To Be A Creator Here?

As above so below.

As an expression of the “Absolute Creator” (pure latent potential) that has brought all that is into existence, you are the mirrored embodiment of creative energy.

Through your thoughts, words, and actions (Karma), you impact the world and all of creation, which is intertwined and connected as one back to the Source.

Since our only focus is to connect to and live in this Truth here at all times, I refer to everyone who engages with my work through this recognition of our shared divinity and oneness.

Namaste and welcome beautiful Creators: The divinity in me recognizes, and honors, the divinity in you.

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