“I Am A TRAUMA-INFORMED, EVIDENCE-BASED, YOGA, MEDITATION, & Birth Coach, Who Specializes In Whole-Life, And Whole-Person, Healing, Growth, and Transformation.”

-Kidecia King

This is a learning and development space where we are empowered to manifest more elevated expressions in and of ourselves, our lives, and our work.

On this site, we honor and value our individual and collective spirit and we are supported with taking steps toward gaining greater mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical health through practice each day.

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Week 15: Reflections On Spiritual Rebirth (Sutra 19) What Are You Creating Today?

“[T]oday I will be reflecting on the concept of spiritual rebirth in Yoga, which is an event that marks the transition from the place on your path where you are done developing your necessary physical, emotional, and spiritual body…one that is healthy enough to bring your true self into the world when you are ready … Read More
  1. Week 15: Reflections On Spiritual Rebirth (Sutra 19)
  2. Week 14: Reflections On What It Means To “Be In The World But Not Of It” (Sutra 18)