Eight-Limbed Yoga-Meditation Education And Coaching To Secure Your Inner Liberation

A Trauma-Informed Spiritual Learning Community Supporting And Empowering Higher Connection, Effective Practice, And Balanced Joyful Living

Trust | Honesty | Respect

Cultivating Inner Strength And Union Through Wholistic Eight-Limbed Practice, So That You Can Confidently Live A Life Of Spiritual Alignment Grounded In The Truth And Your Unique, And Personal (Yet, Universal), Core Values.


Our ashram is a sacred space separated from the toxicity, destruction, noise, and pollution in/of society and dedicated to Eight-Limbed Yoga-Meditation practice. It is a space devoted to making effort toward Spiritual Liberation. Here, you are guided to overcome the challenges and obstacles in your life and to develop the knowledge and inner fitness required to safely and skillfully rise to the higher states of being and consciousness that will set you free from the grips of bondage, ignorance, and suffering in the world so that you can fulfill your highest potential for manifesting into being: settling into your True Nature as pure Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

This space serves as a transformative learning environment that empowers Yogis on the inner journey toward spiritual freedom to master their ego-body-minds and to deepen their higher Self-awareness and connection so that they can transcend their binding karmic attachments, overcome their pain and destructive conditioning that creates problems for themselves and others, and rest in the unconditional, unbounded, joy that they are called to and deserve.

As a Trauma-Informed community, this Ashram was conceived through genuine Love and Compassion to help all who truly seek Liberation, and are, therefore, committed to doing the work required to attain it, with ascending to higher states of being in, but beyond, this world.

Birthed from my creativity, intellectual labor, practice, and the authority of my direct life and spiritual experiences, paired with my expert knowledge/scientifically-backed training/education, and my understanding of the indisputable value of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, this Learning and Development Portal provides high-quality education, uniquely crafted and well-tested resources, and professional support to those who are naturally evolving beyond the illusions and entrapments of the world and moving forward, and inward, to something greater than basic animal pleasure-seeking and/or pain-avoidance.

Here, those who are committed to successfully moving beyond attachments, superstitions, fear, fantasy, and other binding illusions, can mature spiritually, and come to consciously and fully know and embody the even more magnificent Truth of their existence.

If what we do here resonates with you, then you are invited to join.

Empowering Pure Inner Connection Through The Transformative Science Of 8 Limb Yoga Practice

Fellow Yogis, my sisters, and brothers, I celebrate your joining me here in this space where I Teach, Coach, and create artistic and educational content and courses to support dedicated beings, like you, who are courageously journeying inward and upward on your own unique inner path to develop the knowledge, balance, discernment, resilience, skill, confidence, clarity, and focus that are required to bring greater inner peace, higher spiritual awareness, and freedom into being.

Here, you are empowered to use your innate gifts, capabilities, and strengths to effectively Self-Regulate, gain Self-Mastery, overcome the stresses and challenges of life, focus your energy and attention on higher spiritual pursuits, and to succeed in fulfilling your potential for True peace, joy, and body-mind-spirit integration while rising to higher states of being and consciousness.

This work moves you beyond, and through, the goal of simple “self-improvement” and “healing” (which are mainly focused on surviving in, coping with, and reacting to, the chaos of this world) to do arguably the most important work of Self-Realization/Liberation that any human being can undergo in any lifetime (freedom that goes far beyond the limited animal form navigating through this plain of illusion). Attaining this goal is what frees you from the perpetual cycle of Karma/suffering caused by ignorance. And it is only after reaching this goal that you can fully, freely, and purely live for more than the animal body-mind-ego attachments that keep you trapped in lower states of consciousness/being, lost and entangled in confusion with unconscious “others.”

In short, if you have had enough of the non-sense of navigating through a warped and insane world surrounded by unconscious beings who are bound to creating inevitable suffering and destruction, you are empowered to join me here in my small community to live connected to your True Self and Source through Yoga-Meditation practice. You are invited to join me in Liberation…


I am here to support you to keep practicing, aligning, and moving forward toward the full manifestation of your Absolute freedom and joy in this lifetime!

Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment & Integration

On this site, because I honor and value your individual (and our collective) spirit, I provide professional, experienced, ethical, and humanistic, support to dedicated individuals and groups to empower their highest expression in, and beyond, “this world.”

It does not matter where you come from, or where you have been. This work is open to you as long as your intentions are pure and your commitment to the Absolute Truth is unwavering. Having devoted my entire life to the study and exploration of the Self/Spirit and Reality, I can declare, with confidence, that the eight-limbed structure explored here (and lived in whatever unique way it manifests for you in your life since all True paths lead to the same place no matter how each area is mastered) is the most complete, and time-tested, path that I have found to fully encompass all that you need to reach higher states of being and consciousness and assure your liberation in any lifetime. I focus on the eight-limbed structure in our Ashram because it is a concise way to conceptualize and facilitate the inner journey to higher states of being. Because this path is diverse and different for each being who walks it, however, please note that each student that I work with gets unique support and guidance on their specific journey.

And, the beauty here is that, you don’t even have to take my word for it (in fact, look into it for yourself): there are thousands of years of observation and science (much of which is now backed by Western science which is slowly catching up”) around this naturally unfolding phenomenon of higher connection and liberation that we, as a species, with the help of past teachers, like Patanjali, for example, have condensed into a practical roadmap to the union of body-mind and spirit.

Since this path is an observable, discoverable, and verifiable, natural phenomenon, not a contrived or man-made blueprint, my work is to simply, in my unique and creative way (based on my own experiences, knowledge, skills, observations, practice, and everything else that I have acquired and continue to acquire over the years from traveling, studying, and verifying this path for myself–both before and after I even knew it had a name), make the nuanced, practical, and more complex aspects of the phenomenon of this journey accessible to you so that you can start making greater progress toward your liberation.

In addition to holding you accountable for doing what is required to succeed on this journey, my work is to pass on the knowledge and tools that you need to “walk” to Liberation confidently and to guide and support you to apply what you learn to overcome the obstacles/tests that you will face in life along the way. Once you are in this community, my work is to ensure that you do not fall back into permanent suffering/ignorance and that you develop the necessary inner fitness to reach your goal in this lifetime…After this, you have no excuse for not attaining Liberation.

Get Structured Eight-Limbed Yoga Education & Support

Getting started here is free and costs only your commitment to your Self; only you can fail to know and be your Self!

Like with all inner development in life, you truly do get results based on the quality and quantity of energy (not money) that you put into your practice (something that one cannot honestly say applies to much else here in this world-lol)! I am sure that many of you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars (and hours) on self-development, educational, and/or spiritual products and found that, other than some basic jargon and platitudes that get stuck in your head and form a new vocabulary for you to use to confuse yourself and others, you were not left with much else in the realm of true or lasting understanding or transformation. Things are different here!

I only work with a dedicated, and select, group of individuals because I am primarily invested in your success, not my bank account. Obviously, however, since I need to live and maintain this space, and living in modern-day society and running websites requires some amount of money, time, and energy, there are costs involved in continuing here beyond introductory education. But, I make my services accessible to/for everyone, regardless of income because I am on a mission to fulfill a higher calling than the calling to pad my bank account for a glamorous and lavish lifestyle. I live a simple, self-sufficient, life (so that I can continue to do this work), and I take steps to make my life simpler and more self-sufficient each day (because I am called to do so).

In the inner development work that you do here, the exchange of quality of work applied, to the rewards attained, is fair and equal for all, and excellent, high-quality, education and support are, therefore, provided for you to succeed. As your Teacher and Coach, I simply invite, empower, and guide you to use the valuable knowledge and support shared here, paired with the deep and inherent transformative capacities within you, to advance on your journey!

Students (By Special Admissions Only) can Enroll In All Foundational Courses For Free*

Your Yogic Foundations | Introduction To Yoga And Developing A Meaningful And Effective Personal Practice | Crafting Your Best Sadhana

Your Yogic Breath | Developing An Effective Pranayama Practice

Building Resilience Through Yoga/Meditation | Self-Regulation And Basic Trauma-Informed Healing Techniques

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*Our Continuing Education course is at a set monthly price. Additional issue/subject-based paid courses will also be offered in the future. One-On-One Coaching requires consultation and approval and You Must Be A Student To Complete That Process. One-On-One Meetings/Packages Are A Separate Offer/Price Than Group Membership/Our Grouped Yoga/Meditation Services. Click here to learn more.

Always remember that optimal mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical health comes through the practice of allowing yourself to fully be who you are (nothing less than a divine being embodied in human form)! Our work here is to liberate and radiate your divine essence, and the light that is eternally present within you, into your body-mind and life so that you can gain the most from this one life experience that you exist within–in your particular form.

Yoga/Meditation on the Eight-Limbed Path is simply the process through which we move to support you to clear away the distortions that get in the way of the full expression of your divinity.

An Intro To Eight-Limbed, Trauma-Informed, Empowerment And Support

eight-limbed trauma informed

What is the ego? Click Here To Learn More

Eight-Limbed, Trauma-Informed, empowerment and support here is an acknowledgment that every human being is inherently whole with the capacity to create balance in their body-mind and spirit. Here, I empower everyone to safely come into their True (undistorted) Self while holding them in unconditional positive regard.

Through these practices, you allow the full clarity of the Truth and Light of your pure, undistorted, Self to shine through, and to rest peacefully within you (even while living in Maya and navigating through the chaos, nonsense, distractions, obstacles, pleasures, sufferings, and illusions of the world, beyond which there is a higher Truth).

I know that you have everything that you need within you to create the inner connection and higher expression that you seek. The fact that you are even here is an indication that you feel that this way of living your Yoga/Meditation practice can help. This path (which is not any set style of practice, but serves as an integrated path) of inner evolution, however, is not a calling for everyone although it is always open to anyone.

Those who seek only temporary distraction and entertainment, or dependency on a person to worship, will not find it here (although we do have quite a bit of fun and respect as we learn, grow, laugh, connect, and play). This space is for something greater than human, and other forms of, worship, performance, and/or fanfare. No one needs to kiss my feet or stroke my ego; I will not present either of these things for you to bow down to. In this space, we fully acknowledge that we are all expressions of the same, and one, “Absolute.”

The Truth of our inherent divinity and shared oneness is what we honor here. Do not proceed if you are looking to focus on something else.

Lasting joy/liberation is what comes from this level of commitment and focus on living your highest Truth. And experience, practice, and reflection will take you from simple belief/hope to powerful knowing…from latent potential to Self-Actualization.

So, if you know that this (8 Limbs) path is for you (and you are ready and willing to honestly walk/open up to it), let’s see what light we can reveal together here beautiful Creator?

Are You Ready To Begin?

Since I have faith that you are, let’s get started!

Choose An Offering

The Essence Of What It Means To Be A Creator Here

As above so below.

As an expression of the “Absolute Source/Creator” (pure unlimited latent potential) that has brought all that is into existence, you are the mirrored embodiment of creative energy.

Through your thoughts, words, and actions (Karma), you impact the world and all of creation, which is intertwined and connected as one back to the Source.

Since our only focus is to connect to and live in this Truth here at all times, I refer to everyone who engages with my work through this recognition of our shared divinity and oneness.

Namaste and welcome beautiful Creators: The divinity in me recognizes, and honors, the divinity in you.

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Important Note

Yoga, in our practice here, is an art of living that is supported by the science of Union in/of the body, mind, and spirit. Union with the Self and the Absolute is about merging, and settling, into a greater Reality beyond the illusions of this world. There is no religion or ideology in the practice and phenomena explored here. We serve no man-made God, nor do we honor any projections of God onto any one person, or people, as a form of lower self worship. The Absolute, and the Absolute Truth/Reality, are the only thing that we revere here. We look at everything else neutrally, clearly, and honestly as keen observers, without delusional ego judgment, attachment, or fear so that we can see, and rest in, the Truth of our eternal being reflected in ever-changing, temporary form. We study the mechanics/dynamics of the inner, outer, gross, subtle, and created worlds to understand our place within the larger context of existence…Understanding that there is *some* spirituality in some religions, and some good intentions in some ideologies, however, I invite you to please note that you can still keep your religions and ideologies, if you wish to do so when you enter into this space. Just simply begin living your Yoga practice! As you move deeper into your understanding of who/what you are, however, please be prepared for these things to be transformed and eventually dissolved, not by force or coercion, but by natural evolution, since all illusions are eventually burned away with the presence of Truth!

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