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Do you want to get the full benefits of a well-rounded Yoga practice, and to start a daily Yoga/Meditation routine (Sadhana) that has true personal meaning and significance focused on more than just toning your body or creating feelings of temporary escapism that have no lasting or deep effects beyond the mat?

Do you seek to develop more inner awareness, peace, mental clarity, and resilience to overcome the obstacles and stresses of life with grace and true mastery guided by your innate strengths, values, and power from within?

Yoga/Meditation can transform more than just your body and mind. This practice can transform and evolve your entire life and being.

This community is designed to support you with embodying your True and Full Self in the world so that you can then effectively create a life of lasting joy that is sustained and comes from within (no matter what the external circumstances of your life or the world may look like at any point).

Member Benefits

When you become a Student Subscriber, you will be joining a single-focused (with the only true goal being full Self-Realization) spiritual Yoga and Meditation community designed to provide you with accountability, structure, support, and deeper learning/growth for success on your Eightfold Path.

As a member of this community, you gain access to a growing wealth of premium learning content, self-paced courses, specialized live classes, and visual/audio resources focused on the theory and practical application of the eight limbs of Yoga.

As A Member You Can:

  • View our full Sutra Study Lessons and other educational resources for a deeper exploration and understanding of how to translate Yogic philosophy and spiritual principles into a meaningful practice that enhances and elevates your Self-discovery journey and improves the quality of your everyday life
  • Join, or watch, our monthly Satsangs as a way to broaden your practical understanding and application of Yogic and spiritual knowledge
  • Participate in live group Asana and Meditation classes for Self-Alignment and stress reduction
  • Take one of many self-paced courses to deepen your overall knowledge, understanding, and practice and to solidify success on your path
  • Attend special and live community events (like Kirtans, exclusive workshops, etc) to more fully embody your practice and gain insight and inspiration on your journey
  • Take advantage of priority seating in all Support Groups (like our Trauma or Birth Support Groups)
  • Freely download valuable content that will help with advancing your personal goal of becoming the best version of you
  • Have eligibiity to get one-on-one personalized Coaching and support* for advanced guidance on your journey (*the cost of personal Coaching Sessions is not included in your montly membership fee and is a separate offering open to only current/existing students)

When you commit to your growth and positive movement forward with me here (as is evident by your commitment to sign-up to access these advanced resources and tools) you will be rewarded with a deeper and more transformative level of instruction, structure, and support with your Yoga/Meditation practice and journey.

In What “Shape” Do You Need To Be To Begin?

Because of my dedication to this work and path, I am committed to your success and have no judgment about where you are or where you have been in life.

I know that, regardless of any shape that your body-mind (or your life) may currently be in (or has been in the past), you are a being of infinite perfection!

Let’s work together to clear away the obstacles that are getting in the way of your full embodiment of all that you are in Truth.

If you are a current or potential Yogi who wants to deepen and enhance your practice and evolve it into something truly meaningful, and you are looking for the best place to start building a solid foundation that will lead you to success in all areas of your life, being, and practice, you are in the right place!

Here, you are supported and empowered with gaining the maximum value from your journey by studying yourself diligently and developing the skills required to deepen and enhance your inner work so that you can succeed on your Eightfold Path!

Here, you can receive safe (Trauma-Informed), organized, and effective guidance and education for success with building your inner-strength and resilience, so that you can courageously overcome any obstacles that get in the way of your transformation into all that you are capable of being in this lifetime.

Sign Up To Be Added To the Waiting List! When You Become A Student Subscriber, You Will Gain Access To All Specialized Courses, All Premium Sutra Studies Information/Materials, All Live Yoga Classes, Advanced Meditations, Specilaized Workshops/Events, Our Poses Library content, And Much More!

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