Building Resilience | Trauma Awareness And Basic Trauma-Informed Healing Techniques

Trauma is not defined by any one event or circumstance but is the normal, and biologically correct, physiological response that occurs when a body and/or mind is overwhelmed by stress in its environment. A person can become traumatized by anything … Read More

The Self-Alignment & Self-Awareness Project | Joyful Living Affirmations & Mandala Reflections For Personal Insight

This course is a creative reflection exercise designed to deepen your connection with your Higher Self and support you with gaining deeper insight about yourself and your life from within. To get the full benefits of this exercise, you will … Read More

Yoga And The Breath | Developing An Effective Pranayama Practice

The Fourth Limb on the Eightfold Path of Yoga is solely focused on the breath. Since mastery of the breath is vital for the cultivation of full physical and mental/emotional well-being, it is also essential for success on your spiritual … Read More

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