Inclusivity Agreement

Leave your labels, preconceived notions, and egoic concerns at the metaphorical door and join me as you are: I have no attachment, attraction, nor aversion to any past, current, or future form in which you show up. This is a safe space for learning and growth, and the main policy here is that we all arrive in this sacred, and designated, space grounded in our Yamas and ready to discuss, focus on, and to practice Yoga-Meditation and higher Self-awareness.

I always do my very best to create an open and inclusive environment for everyone regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, or creed. All are appreciated and welcomed here!

I recognize (as a Trauma-Informed Professional), however, that safety is a felt, personal experience, which means that not everything that I express on this site will resonate with everyone at all times depending on where they are at any given moment, nor are all techniques suitable for everyone depending on their body and mind.

We will always hold a space of unconditional positive regard and support for your well-being here, so you are free (because that is your right) to take everything as a suggestion for your growth and to incorporate what works best and applies to you into your life and practice as you need to and see fit. I will educate, invite expansion from, and challenge you as is appropriate for your growth and evolution on your inner journey/higher path, but discernment about what is best for you is a key aspect of Yoga practice. To effectively integrate this and to adhere to the principle of Ahimsa, as well as to honor your right to choice and agency over your own life, body, and mind, I encourage you to please feel welcomed to modify all poses and practice recommendations to your liking and best interest since you, after all, are the expert on you, and you have to live your life in your body and mind!

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