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Yoga Sutra Studies Overview

The Sutra Studies Series is my in-depth experiential interpretation and spiritual analysis of the foundational ancient Yogic text The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (you can read all Sutras here), which documents (in an expertly condensed manner known as aphorisms) the official teachings of Yoga Sciences that began over 3000-4000 years ago in India. The sage Patanjali, who is estimated to have lived between 400 BCE to 200 AD, documented these teachings in a four-chapter text that has been translated by numerous individuals and scholars from different counties throughout time and history. This series is my contribution to this lineage.

As a Yoga-Meditation Teacher and Coach, I strongly believe that this text (which is composed of 196 Sutras, translated into English as the word “threads”) is a text that all Yogis are best served using as a guide for effectively walking their unique inner path and attaining the state of Self-Realization that paves the way for spiritual liberation in this lifetime (liberation that is the aim and goal of all integrated Yoga practices when fully understood).

For this 77 weeks series, I invite visitors, my members, and students to dive deeply into the exploration of individual and grouped Sutras to gain greater wisdom and understanding for shaping successful and meaningful practices on their individual Eightfold Paths. I translate scientific Yogic understandings into practical knowledge, information, and applicable steps, that students can use to integrate ancient wisdom into their current lives for spiritual liberation.

Because I know that commitment to seek something beyond the superficial/material world is required to honestly walk this path, and I value this work and the teachings that it uncovers in True Seekers, only my full Students (those who are committed to holding themselves accountable for staying on track with their practice for its maximum benefits) can gain access to the all Sutra Studies articles and advanced resources starting from Week 21 (Sutra 27) of our Studies (although Free Spirit Members can preview all 77 weeks of lessons, and select posts are made available for public viewing along the way). Free Spirit Members will have full access to all Premium Reflections/Podcast Episodes and the overview section of all detailed explorations.

To join our Student Study Group, sign up to become a Student Subscriber for the full benefits of gaining access to advanced resources and support on your Yogic journey.

Why The Yoga Sutras?

I do not trust the Yoga Sutras based on blind faith alone (in the same way that I do not trust my existence based on hearsay or faith), I teach Yoga, using the Yoga Sutras, because I know that what the text says is True based on what I, myself, have gained/validated from my own spiritual journey and Self/Reality studies/observations (from rigorous multidisciplinary academic, independent, and personal, research pursuits, contemplations, meditations, etc.), and from living life and observing the world, before reading the masterfully arranged text with understanding.

I teach the Yoga Sutras because it says, succinctly, in an organized manner–and as an authoritative text that backs up/reinforces my understanding–what I unquestioningly already know from my own inner journey (which I even went out of my way to test the validity of to ensure that it was Real, so that I can further understand the subtle nuances of the text well enough to teach/explain it).

I teach the Yoga Sutras out of compassion, simply because, if I would have known/studied/walked this path from learning about it in the Yoga Sutras before setting out on my own spiritual journey/research project (that, again, verified the Eight-Limbed path for me very clearly) before discovering the text, I, most likely, would have still ended up where I am by naturally journeying on without the text, but, if I had gotten to the Sutras early on in my journey, I would have gotten here sooner…and with much less suffering. 🙂

The path explored in the Yoga Sutras is verifiable since the text is grounded in Truth…and, as manual of sorts, the Sutras are intended to be verified since, Yoga, in practice–and not just in mental cognition–is the way that you can fully come to the Truth–on deeper and deeper levels.

What You Need To Know, Have, And Remember For This Yoga Sutras Study Journey


This Learning And Development Portal (website) is designed to serve as an enrichening space in which you can practice sharpening and honing your skills as a Joyful Creator as you journey forward on your own unique and individual Yogic/Spiritual Eightfold Path.


This space is here to hold you accountable for doing the work that is needed to move you closer to your highest Self-expression, purpose, and goal of Liberation each day. It is here to support you with honoring your path (through Satsang) as a service to our collective oneness.


We have a points system for completing tasks and courses, but the most important points system here is the one that you create for yourself, so please be sure to create something good if you create a points system for yourself at all as your own personal progress guide.


My main suggestion is that you simply enjoy your Yoga-Meditation journey since the journey to Self is a “reward” in and of itself.

What You Will Need In Order To Participate

  • Willingness to do the work
  • A quiet, distraction-free, space in which to practice/reflect
  • A meditation cushion or a comfy place to sit and concentrate (especially if you participate in our meditation practice)
  • Yoga equipment: mat (or comfortable rug), 1 or more towel(s) or blanket(s), yoga blocks and resistance bands, comfortable movement inducting clothing, plus any other tools of your choice (if you participate in any physical practice/classes)
  • A journal and/or sketchbook (optional but highly recommended)
  • Non-judgment of yourself and “others” (if you participate in our classes, discussions, group activities, or this space in general)

How The 77 Weeks Series Is Structured

Each week (the original series ran from November 2020-May 2022 for your full frame of reference), we focus on one, or a group of, Sutra(s) in the following ways:

Step 1: Topic Announcement

Each week, a topic/focus (Sutra) is announced. You will review the topic and read through the accompanying post to become familiar with the week’s prompt/assignment.

Step 2: Topic Meditation And Practice

On your own throughout the week, you will take some time to meditate on, and to practice, the prompt/reflection question presented in our topic/announcement post. You can then check in periodically for any additional nudges of inspiration that are shared throughout the week in order to keep you on task. You are also highly encouraged to participate in any accompanying classes, meetings, or meditations that surround our topic/practice for the week.

Step 3: Topic Reflection

The week will conclude with a story or discussion (posted on the What Are You Creating Today? podcast). On reflection day, you will take some time to sit with and savor your insights/learnings before transitioning to the next sutra(s) that will be explored for the upcoming week.

Get Points For Your Yoga Sutra Studies Reflections By Completing The Work Course

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