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Your Yogic Foundations | Introduction To Yoga And Developing A Meaningful And Effective Personal Practice | Crafting Your Best Sadhana

Your Yogic Breath | Developing An Effective Pranayama Practice

Building Resilience Through Yoga/Meditation | Self-Regulation And Basic Trauma-Informed Healing Techniques

Onboarding Guide For Personalized Yoga And Meditation Lessons/Coaching Sessions

Your Yogic Posture | Asana Basics For Effective Practice

A Self-Inquiry & Self-Awareness Project | Joyful Living Affirmations & Mandala Reflections For Personal Insight

Your Yoga Body-Mind Temple | Health And Wellness Education & Tips For Excellent Inner And Outer Fitness


Your Yogic Mind | The Basics Of Meditation Preparation And Practice For Self-Awareness & Self-Realization

$200/30 days

Continuing Education & Support | Practical Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment | Lessons/Assignments, Classes, Recorded Meetings & Presentations, Long-Term Group Coaching

Your Liberation On The Eight-Limbed Path: An Introduction To Yoga-Meditation | Mini-Course

Being Your Self: All That Is Manifested In Spirit (And Form)

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