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“I invite you to accept the blessing that this pathway is now opening the way for you to journey through. Feel how good and right it is to allow yourself, without resistance, to walk on a path of light that is always here for you, leading you to a higher realm of knowing and awareness that exists for your spiritual healing, rejuvenation, empowerment, protection, and your full coming into all that you are, and are capable of being in your unique/particular form and expression, in this lifetime.”

-Kidecia King

The inner journey to Liberation looks different within everyone, for everyone, to everyone, and when reflected in everyone’s life.

A couple of things, however, are certainly the same on any inward journey to freedom: all paths tend to follow a somewhat predictable structure that encompasses several core competencies and areas of mastery that are beneficial for attaining full success. And all journeys require undergoing a process of metamorphosis that can (even with some exceptions of perfectly smooth/effortless transitions) be very daunting, overwhelming, and involve experiences where progress can be negatively impacted, stalled, and/or even blocked when there is no clear preparation, integration, appropriate “conditioning,” and/or useful guidance/support forward toward the True “goal” of Liberation.

This is where a competent Teacher/Coach (if, like now, and/or at any other point on your journey, you choose to get support as opposed to venturing out on your own), one who is compatible with you, and a guideline, one that can be usefully catered to/for you (and can steer you in the right direction), comes in handy…Because many people study, speak about, comment on, criticize, and even “teach Yoga,” but very few people actually, clearly, and/or fully understand, truly practice, or ever even achieve Yoga (Union)…often thinking that Yoga is either synonymous with Asana or Samadhi (as if they are the only topics explored in/as Yoga studies). The confusion about what Yoga is is similar to the confusion that most people have about the Self (which we will discuss further in this course).

The Teacher & Path Here

The required areas of competency for success on the inner journey have been expertly and scientifically outlined in many ways and by many schools of spirituality for thousands of years, with the basic Truths/core competencies remaining consistently the same throughout time.

These core competencies and foundational Truths for success on the inner journey, have been outlined/compiled succinctly, and non-judgmentally, for all to benefit from in a number of different ways throughout time and history (since the ancient sages probably compassionately recognized–having moved through life/Samsara themselves–that all unrealized beings are afflicted by the trauma of ego-identification, and obviously wrote and shared their wisdom to assist in other’s liberation as a result of this insight and compassion–at least that is my “reason” for doing this work that I assume I share with our sages).

One of the most practical, useful, and thorough compilations of a foundational guidebook to liberation from suffering ever created in history (at least that I know of) is presented in/by the Yogic “Patanjalic” Eight-Limbed Path (which, as your Teacher/Coach, who was ready to create a roadmap myself before realizing that this one had already been drafted after finishing the Sutras, I am able to understand/explain due to my own direct experiences/learnings that validate the knowledge being shared).

For hundreds of years, this text has served as a proven, and powerful, tool/roadmap for spiritual Liberation for all who have not had perfect, pain-free, lives here on Earth that allowed them to move through Maya (the illusion), untouched, untraumatized, unshaken up, undisturbed in their body-mind due to the dizzying effect of Samsara and suffering (personal, social, and/or otherwise) in one capacity or other, regardless of any “spiritual knowledge” that they may have inherently possessed, or “gained” over the years. This path, of integrated knowledge/understanding, is for those who are sincere enough in their intention to be Liberated to strive to work out/away their body-mind traumas/kinks, and any lingering residual overidentification with the illusions of the world so that they can effectively let the Truth of the Self sink/settle in and be expressed. This path is for those who are smart and strong enough to seek better and higher for themselves, regardless of any challenges that they have had to go/grow through/overcome because they are determined to purely shine their light.

The Yogic Eightfold Path’s usefulness, simply put, is why it serves as the guideline upon which we work here. If you are already perfect in your expression, pristine in your state of being as a clear reflection of the formless Self that does not glitch occasionally, have perfectly integrated knowledge, and you are not stir-crazy due to “the ways of the world,” then there is no need to proceed here; you are done.

I teach and support others to work with this path here only when they need to troubleshoot their body-mind-spirit misalignment as they journey to Liberation. If it helps, you can think of this space as a Spiritual Technical Support Center. If you have no issues and have already reached your goal, please continue to shine on…No need to troubleshoot if you do not have any lingering glitches here and there.

Having gone though my own body-mind-spirit integration/alignment journey, which, for years, also included working in the field of human development (as a Coach/Educator) to help others make meaningful changes in their lives, and having also worked through my own traumas in life (after all, I did manifest in human form–despite what many have thought), I know some things. And, I also know a few other useful guidelines for navigating through the inevitable accompanying change/transition process as well, which I wrote a book about, and will briefly guide you through here.

Here, you will be moving into a new, more expanded, way of being/living in the world called Yoga, so, I have consciously crafted this mini-course using the best understandings from “ancient” and “modern” personal development research to help you to effectively get started on a solid foundation for ultimate success.

This mini-course serves as both an introduction to the Yogic Eightfold path to Liberation–which will elevate you to higher states of being/consciousness that can free you from the perpetual cycle of misery, suffering, and ignorance in the world–and an introductory guide through the change/transition process that comes with transforming from a curious, and/or casual, spiritual seeker (and sufferer in the world) into an official Yogi (one who lives in/for Union of body-mind and spirit in order to fully, and directly, come into the realization that [and of how] you are more than limited and fragmented form/experience).

This short/mini-course provides you with:

  • A brief introduction to the Yogic Eight-Limbed Path to inner liberation so that you can customize the roadmap of your unique path, and confidently navigate through your spiritual journey with a solid foundation that leads to success.
  • A clear understanding of what Yoga and Meditation are so that you do not miss out on the incredible potential for/in your practice.
  • Useful and practical knowledge, meditations, and tools for gaining inner peace and clarity on your path.
  • An introduction to my Joyful Creator’s Change And Transition Management Guide (grounded in modern scientific research) to support you to identify where you are in your transformation process to higher states of consciousness/being so that you can most effectively navigate through any stage on your journey with greater ease and awareness on your journey back to your Self.
  • Journal
  • Quiet space for reflective and meditative practices