From the images and videos that are created, advertised, and monetized on social media, to the stealthy advertisements that are shared in the comments section of YouTube videos–posing as “regular people exchanging opinions”–to the outright spreading of misinformation for marketers’ entertainment value (as conspiracy theorists and others watch their unhinged, fear-inducing, ideas spread as fast as an influencer’s derrière on the latest fad injections), the line has been significantly blurred between fantasy and Reality more today than ever before (and this has significantly accelerated within the span of just the past few years).

The unfortunate result of this intoxication of minds through reckless digital content consumption is that most humans are now addicted to mindless indulgence of even the trashiest types of thought-forms.

Everywhere you look, you can observe subscribers waiting impatiently for their favorite salesperson to drop a new video on Wednesday, posing in thumbnails with all of the “identity” cues that signal being a part of a special group cliché of one variety or another, and thusly solidifying bondage to ego concepts, taking them further away from themselves and Reality.

People performing online searches now first get the curated perspective of the “all-knowing” Wikipedia with every inquiry, followed by “answers” from major corporations: being presented with information not to educate nor expand their minds in any real way, but to be told what to think and (more importantly) what to buy, as search results on things as simple as “butter” provide options to “click now to get it on your doorstep in 30 minutes.”

Fortunately, there is hope for those who truly seek to develop their minds and to come into their Self/Reality as opposed to getting lost in the warped nightmare/fantasy that has enslaved our species for centuries. And that hope is something as old and as simple as getting a good teacher, having a focused Sangha, practicing, and, as my auntie used to always loudly suggest to my cousin (and all other children nearby who would listen) in Jamaican Patois, to “pick up a book!”

Will you be picking up a credible book as a part of your Niyama practice and actually thinking about the information that is being shared there as you work on perfecting your understanding by developing critical thinking, discernment, and effective analytical skills that you can then effectively apply to your observation of yourself and the world in order to effectively practice what is needed to become Liberated from Karmic entrapment, beautiful Creator?

Always remember that beyond the sea of noise and information/product options for you to get lost in consuming online, the ancient Gurukul structure (even when translated into the digital age) still works effectively for your progress as a Yogi. The analog “right teacher,” “right books,” “right community,” and “right practice,” are still highly powerful means by which you can go far as a Yogi and actually expand and sharpen your awareness/mind for effective results on your journey back home to your Self.

Please keep in mind that consumption without conscious/intentional focus will not get you anywhere useful in Yoga or in any other endeavor.

Practice and effective integration of right knowledge are still the cornerstones for progress on this inward path.

So, today, I invite you to ask yourself what it is that you truly value, beautiful Creator. Are these things aligned with your lived values and goals as a Yogi? Are you working on your Buddhi, or just buying the latest product to simply develop and promote your booty for animal entrapment within Maya?

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