Week 16: The Path To/of Deep Contemplation (Sutra 20)

“For the others, this asamprajnata samadhi could come through faith, vigor, memory, contemplation and/or by discernment.”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Sutra (Thread) or Lesson 20: Sraddhaviryasmrtisamadhiprajnapurvaka Itaresam

Sraddha: faith | Smrti: memory | Samadhi: contemplation | Prajna: discernment, wisdom, insight | Purakah: precedes | Itaresam: for the others

If one does not attain, or maintain, Samadhi (or more specifically Asamprajnata Samadhi) in the celestial sense described last week in Sutra 19, there is another route by which the state of consciousness can be obtained. This alternative way is through “faith, vigor, memory, contemplation and/or by discernment” (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali).

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Week 15: Reflections On Spiritual Rebirth (Sutra 19)

“[T]oday I will be reflecting on the concept of spiritual rebirth in Yoga, which is an event that marks the transition from the place on your path where you are done developing your necessary physical, emotional, and spiritual body…one that is healthy enough to bring your true self into the world when you are ready and receptive enough to connect…safely, blissfully, and without ego-deformity [to your divine essence so that you can] bring your greatest self expression…[forward and] fulfill your true birthright and purpose.”

Week 15 Reflections

Week 15: Check-in | On Reincarnation And Rebirth

Experience, with no judgement of good nor bad, in action, and at rest, is a valuable teacher.

It allows us to discern truths from untruths by developing knowledge of ourselves and the world. And it allows us to understand, with the depth of our being, whether we are, or are not, on the best path for us in every given moment.

It also simultaneously has the potential to make us brand new as well depending on the depth of our understanding of our experience itself, and our state/level of conscious awareness.

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