Yes, You Can Control/Master Your Mind | Here’s Why/How

Control (one meaning as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary) | “to exercise restraining or directing influence over : REGULATE“ Do you remember the last time that you needed to use the bathroom? To be specific, think of the last time that you … Read MoreRead More

Learning Yoga (Or Anything) On The Internet | Adding Value(s) Versus Ad Value

As a discerning observer in/of the world, maybe you have already noticed that the internet is now an overcrowded hub of short and long-form advertisements disguised as vlogs and other forms of “content” pretending to be information-sharing, fueling an uncontrolled … Read MoreRead More

How Does Chronic Stress Impact The Different Body Systems? And How Does Yoga-Meditation Help?

The effects of chronic stress on the body’s many systems and functions can be severe. Many physical and mental health problems can result from chronic and poorly managed stress. Finding effective solutions to lessen the detrimental consequences of chronic stress … Read MoreRead More

How The Truth, In Yoga, Sets You Free

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A Real And Easy Solution To The Ignorance Of Unconscious Bias

Why You Can’t See Reality Under The Influence of Ignorance: The Effect of Cognitive Bias/Kleshas (Poisons) on Perception Everyone knows (or should know by now, with the prevalence of, and science on, addiction problems in the United States and abroad), … Read MoreRead More

I Am: Eternally Free | The Same While Everything Around And Within Me Changes

Appearances. They change. They come and go and are always different. They can be transformed/changed (with time, perspective, and/or with knowledge/facts, among other things, for example). And they are not Real. This is their nature. And, by definition, what appearances … Read MoreRead More

“None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds”

Liberate Yourself From The Agony Caused By Toxic Influences That Maintain And Perpetuate Destructive Delusions In The World Disconnection from one’s higher Self/expression and from the Truth is the root of all evil and ongoing Karmic entanglement in the world. … Read MoreRead More

Story-Time And The Yoga Sutras | Story 3: The Blind Men And The Elephant | Podcast Episode 85 [Excerpt]

“The nature of the convoluted illusory projection of reality is such that you can literally be looking at something directly, experiencing it with your own senses directly, and still be wrong about it in one way or another when pieces … Read MoreRead More

Working On Your Buddhi: What You Need To Think Effectively

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Why Emotional Boundaries Are Essential For Empaths

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