Stop Lying: Acknowledge When It’s You

Humans are pros at making excuses (which you can simply view as the evil step-sister of perfectly valid explanations). Humans are also really well-practiced in deflecting responsibility (which is the creepy troll under the bridge toward empowerment). And humans make … Read MoreRead More

Yama Remind You To Stay Anchored In Truth

Due to the shape of their inner landscapes/levels or consciousness shrouded in/by the darkness of ignorance, egoism, hatred, jealousy/envy, greed, and so forth, many people are susceptible to believing in lies more than they are to accepting the Truth (even … Read MoreRead More

Is Your Love Liberating Or Binding?

Expectations, ultimatums, attachments, fears, power-plays, abuse, disrespect, and other ego-fueled transactional behaviors represent an absence of Love, not the presence of it. … Read More