Use Everything, Including Your Suffering, To Connect Firmly To Your Power And Divinity

As Sutra 2.1 suggests, use your pain as purification. If you have suffered greatly and deeply in life and can still generate kindness, Love, and joy within you, then you not only have a lot of manure to create a … Read MoreRead More

Stop Lying: Acknowledge When It’s You

Humans are pros at making excuses (which you can simply view as the evil step-sister of perfectly valid explanations). Humans are also really well-practiced in deflecting responsibility (which is the creepy troll under the bridge toward empowerment). And humans make … Read MoreRead More

What Is Eight-Limbed Yoga? | Ashtanga | Raja | The Eightfold Path

Eight-Limbed Yoga, also called Ashtanga Yoga (different from the physical practice of the same name), Raja (Royal) Yoga, or the Eightfold Path (particularly in Buddhism), to name a few titles, is a spiritual model that expresses and maps the natural … Read MoreRead More