Week 9: Reflections On Practicing At All Times (Sutra 13)

“If you practiced at all [this week], I want to take the time to congratulate you on simply sticking with this important undertaking since the act of practicing in and of itself is one major part of your journey.

But, if you did not practice at all, or practiced very little, this week, well, then I want to remind you that you can simply start from where you are right now…so no worries at all.

In fact, that is your practice…it is eventually to have no worries at all.”

Week 9 Reflections

Week 9: Check-In | Make Peace Your Natural State

Your practice does not have to be perfect at all times; it simply has to remain consistent.

This week, we continued to focus on stressing out about less (and to a greater degree than before) and our task was to observe ourselves at all times in order to effectively gage whether our thoughts, words, actions (and the resulting physical effects of them), were in alignment with our goal of creating peace within and around us.

How did you do?

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Week 9: Practicing At All Times (Sutra 13)

“[B]ecome eternally watchful, scrutinizing every thought, every word and every action.”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Sutra (Thread) or Lesson 13: Tatra Sthitau Yatno’bhyasah

Tatra: of these | Sthitau: in steadiness | Yatnah (yatno): effort | Abhyasah: practice

There is a need to continuously make effort and progress toward your Yoga practice each day, and when it comes to the internal work that is required for enlightenment and self-realization, this is especially true since the mind is an incredibly easy place to get lost or distracted.

Even in circumstances where it is challenging to practice (which often turns out to be your best practicing “ground” by the way), you must make it a point to remain focused and continue do the work of being an unattached, neutral, observer in (and of) yourself and your life. This is the task that you must endeavor to perform in every moment in order to gain mastery over your mind and reach self-realization/enlightenment.

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