Educational Resources For Being Your Own Best Birth Advocate

Essential Birth Resources, Education, And Support For Being Your Own Best Birth Advocate

Whether you are an aspiring, new, or veteran mom, having the necessary birth resources to support a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery is vital to your well-being and to the well-being of your child(ren), family, and community.

I would also even go as far as to say that supporting healthy childbirth, and child-rearing (individually and collectively) is most certainly an essential part of creating and maintaining well-being in our society as a whole as well.

For this reason, though it is incredibly important for you to have a strong and trustworthy support system during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery (as we will explore in this Resource Guide), it is equally as important that you be Your Own Best Birth Advocate (or YOBBA) throughout this deeply transformative time.

Being your own best advocate means:

  • Educating yourself on what to expect during the process of pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
  • Creating a clear, yet flexible/adjustable, written birth plan that outlines your wishes and preferences for your birth experience, getting the things that you need to support you through the process, and learning how to fully and assertively communicate your needs and desires to the people around you.
  • Finding the right medical facility, and/or provider, that you can trust to safely and competently provide you with quality healthcare.
  • Getting your personal well-being team/system in place to provide you with the necessary social support through this important and sensitive time in your life.
  • Keeping track of your birth process, development, and progress.
  • Ensuring that you have an emergency protocol and system in place in the event of any birth-related, or other, complications.

All of these aspects of self-advocacy during your birthing process will make it so that you are more likely to create healthy and meaningful outcomes on your journey.

This Resource Guide was created to provide you with an excellent starting point that you can use to empower and support yourself to be Your Own Best Birth Advocate for a safe and healthy birth, labor, delivery, and postnatal experience.

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Birth Resources Guide

To Get Started With Creating Your Own Best Birth Advocacy Plan, Use The Birth Resources Below For Optimal Success On Your Journey

Sprout Organic

Special Birth Support Group

Due to a complex interplay of social, economic, and systemic factors, black women in the US face a disproportionate amount of complications, deaths, and trauma during pregnancy and birth. From lack of quality healthcare due to economic factors, to lack of adequate support and respect due to racial discrimination, black women suffer from birth-related issues at a significantly higher rate than the general population.

Our Birth Support Group For “Black” Women is a free service/social resource for pregnant women who are impacted by the unfortunate realities of being a black birthing person in America.

Learn more and enroll today.

Birth Support Group For “Black” Women

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