Week 1: Reflection On Letting Go And Starting Anew

Although starting over can sometimes feel like an incredibly difficult undertaking, always remember that in order for us to make room for who we are today we are often tasked with the important responsibility of letting go of many of the things, people, places, habits, lifestyles, dreams, and even desires that once defined us.

Coming close to death for the third time three years ago, and then again for the fourth time about a year afterward definitely helped me to do this in order to reprioritize what matters most in my life.

Here is my reflection:

Reflections On Letting Go And Starting Anew

Special Presentation (Change Through Love)

“Think lovingly, speak lovingly, act lovingly, and every need shall be supplied.”

-James Allen

Rumi said it, Socrates said it, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, the Buddha, Mother Theresa, Jesus, and so many others throughout our history (both real and fictional)…And now our science is providing it…Personal transformation, evolution, and change occur from the inside out!

Change Through Love (Remastered and Rerecorded)
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When I decided to revamp this site after a brief hiatus designed to focus on myself, my life, my 2nd business, and to develop and master some new and exciting skills that were inevitably required in order for me to more fully be and express myself in the world as well as effectively serve, I gave a lot of thought (and feeling) to what my new website would accomplish.

I am happy to say that all of my growing and outgrowing has landed me in a place of renewed inspiration to get back to the basics of what inspired me to start this journey in the first place, and, I am incredibly excited to share the first step on this refocused path with you!

On our refocused site, I want to give my full attention to one thing and one thing only…Our Practice, per what is expressed on Our Foundations page, which asks the important question of What are you creating today?

What Are You Creating Today? | Episode 1: Welcome