Week 3: Check-in

When we practice Yoga each day we gain mastery of the most important thing that we really have control of in our lives, we gain control of our self.

With this control, we can then gradually eliminate all false self expressions from our being, such as the expression of the conditioned self, the wounded self, the self in the context of society, and so forth, and get back to the essence of our self within the context of our existence, in reality, as an expression of the divine spark of life.

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Week 3: On Mind Mastery | Choose To “Love More Worry Less”

“The entire outside world is based on your thought and mental attitude. The entire world is your own projection…[so] If you control your mind, you have controlled everything.”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

SUTRA (Thread) or Lesson 2: Yogas chitta vrtti nirodhah

Yogas: Yoga is | Citta: Mind-field | Vrtti: Modifications | Nirodhah: Restraint

Yoga is a practice that is primarily devoted to having restraint over the changes and fluctuations of the mind.

In our practice, the main goal, and focus, is to gain control of this powerful tool and resource for liberation and happiness so that we can effectively use it to steer us on our journey towards freedom from suffering and from the common entrapments and distractions that are present in the external world.

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