Yoga Tip/Challenge # 22: Eustress, We Stress, Let’s All Reduce Distress

How to tell the difference between growing pains and alarming/alerting pain That Signals, And Leads To Further, Distress: If you move into pose or experience and your discomfort fades as you melt into your new position, lessens as you move … Read MoreRead More

The Truth About Self-Sacrifice

Self-sacrifice is often unfortunately praised in its distorted form while being undervalued when looked at with the light of truth. … Read More

A Reminder To Be Present In Your Body

Today, remember to be present in your body. Feel your toes (remember that they are there), wiggle your fingers, and connect with the vibration of your heart beating in your chest. … Read More

A Reminder Of Your Responsibility To Yourself

No one can get your mind into the right place except you. … Read More

Don’t Be A Victim Of Toxic Stress & Burnout: Simple Ways Care Professionals Can Support Their Own Well-Being & Preserve/Deepen Their Joy

The Buddha is quoted to have said that if your compassion does not include yourself, meaning that it extends out to your ever-changing body-mind that is prone to pain, death, and suffering like all other body-minds–and, therefore, deserves care and … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 4: Reflections On Looking Into The Mirror of Our Projected Mind (Sutra 3)

“Oftentimes we avoid challenges, discomfort, and certain experiences in life because we are afraid of the pain that they will bring. But if we look at our difficult conversations, experiences, and encounters as powerful opportunities for us to grow and … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 4: Check-in | Ask Yourself This Question Every Day

What small improvements are you making to move you closer to your higher expressions today?

Sutra Studies Week 3: Check-in | Why Practice Yoga?

When we practice Yoga each day, we gain mastery of/over the most important thing that we really have (or need to have) control of in our lives; we gain control of our self (in the form of the ego-body-mind). And … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 2: Reflections On The Practice As The Path (Sutra 1)

“Music has always been an important part of my life, and singing even more so since, from childhood, song has been my primary way to connect with my spirit and to safely work through emotions in order to express my … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 2: Check-In | Being Grateful For your Body And the Life That It Sustains

Did you consciously move and breathe today? Have you thanked your body for functioning, or your lungs for breathing in air without you ever having to think about it? What about sending appreciation to your heart for distributing oxygen throughout … Read MoreRead More