How Care Professionals, And Those Who Serve Others, Can Remember To Care For Their Own Well-Being Each Day

Burn-out, compassion-fatigue, second-hand trauma, bureaucratic-overload, toxic-stress, smiling-sadness, and all of it’s variations, paired with an innate desire to serve, can create situations where one wants to bring his/her best self to important work, but simply cannot do so because his/her own personal state of being requires support of its own. This is normal and is a known problem within all professions in which human interaction is required on a consistent basis.

For many who serve in any capacity, but especially in a capacity where high-compassion work is involved, this accumulation of stress, can not only lead to frustration, and even guilt, but also has the potential to spiral into jadedness and mental/emotional exhaustion if left unchecked for a long period of time, a state of being that is the farthest thing to what a service-worker intends to accomplish when engaging in their work to begin with.

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