The Eightfold Path of Yoga-Part 2: Limbs Three And Four | Asanas And Pranayamas

The Context of Your Reality In Your Body And With Your Breath

You live in your body.

Every experience that you have in your day to day life will be in your body. Your body is an expression of what you eat, how you live, where you are born, your ancestry, human history and evolution, and is a historical recorder of your personal life journey.

If you consume a certain number of calories in proportion to your activity level, or have eaten wholesome versus processed foods that lack nutritional value, your body will reflect this. If you eat more calories than what is required on a daily basis for a consistent amount of time and then do not engage in physical activity that burns these calories, your body will show this. If you have been this way consistently over time, maybe your skin will then stretch to accommodate your expansion and you will then remnant skin where fats use to be if you skink to a smaller size at a later time by reducing your calories intake and/or increasing your level of activity.

If you face an injury and lose a limb, you will then have to live without that limb for the rest of your life and your body will tell the story of your lived experience.

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