Nirodha In Yoga: How To “Restrain” The Modifications Of The Mind-Stuff And Rest In Your True Nature

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Yoga Tip/Challenge # 21: Applying Consistency

As you continue to engage in daily Yoga practice, please remember that consistency is only beneficial if you are consistently doing the things that move you forward in the direction that is best for you to grow. … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 74: Check-In | Ego-Body-Minds Colored With/By Ignorance And Attachment Are Only Purified Through Direct Contact With Absolute Knowledge Of/Awareness From The Self

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Sutra Studies Week 68: Reflections On The Fact That The Skill Of Discernment Develops Liberating Awareness And Perception (Sutra 3.55)

“Pratipaska Bhavana is learning to cultivate the ability to distinguish where any given thought is leading. It is the practice of readjusting violent and hateful thoughts, and other types of thoughts that are steeped in ignorance, essentially, with that of … Read MoreRead More

Surya Namaskar-Sun Salutations | Evolve Above And Beyond The Poses

What, except respect and prayers of gratitude, can you offer to the sun for all that it has given you in your life and to all of life and creation? This video provides a brief overview of the Surya Namaskar–Sun … Read MoreRead More

A List Of Mental Disturbances And Dis-Eases According To Yoga | The Path To “Healing” Summarized

While Western Medicine has only categorized certain mental-emotional states as illnesses, and the list continues to grow each day based on socially constructed “norms” that profess that some mental states are a deviation from an unclearly defined standard (with even … Read MoreRead More

The Full And Complete Light And Love Of The Self

Shine your Light on everything in life. If you hold back your Light, you only deprive yourself of what has already been abundantly provided as the foundational element of your Self (and all of) Creation. Your Light, naturally, will illumine … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 48: Check-In | Transcending The Illusion Of Darkness And Light

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Yoga Tip/Challenge # 20 | Developing At The Right Pace In Your Practice & Life

Taking inspiration from your nature/natural expression that is a reflection of a higher Nature expressed in all forms, always ensure that you are supporting healthy and effective growth in your life and practice by creating balance in your body-mind. … Read More

Attend To Your Focus | Your Self Awareness Must Expand For Pure Joy & Liberation From Suffering

Focus on the consciousness that animates your being, and the purity of the Absolute that is expressed through your limited human form, while being simultaneously free from any form. … Read More