Taking inspiration from your nature/natural expression that is a reflection of a higher Nature expressed in all forms, always ensure that you are supporting healthy and effective growth in your life and practice by creating balance in your body-mind.

Creating this balance will support you to get both under control so that you can then put them aside to dwell in the direct experience of your True Nature beyond form.

Always remember that challenge and growth for strength in your body-mind, can be broken down as follows, and guided by the principles of the Gunas (qualities of nature that exist to varying degrees within all forms, including your own personal form):

Too little challenge leads to stagnation, inertia, weakness, and atrophy which does not create growth or resilience (Tamas).

Just enough challenge leads to healthy growth and the development of strength, resilience, harmony, and balance (Sattva).

Too much challenge/stress (and too fast) leads to overactivity and distress which can lead to injury and extreme imbalance (Rajas).

The key is to find your own personal balance that allows you to build strength and to grow consistently in a way that is right for you.

No two people are alike, so always tune into your own body-mind to assess what is not enough, what is just right, or what is too much at any point on your journey to avoid stagnation and pain, and to support healthy progress.

Remember that complacency is just as destructive as hyperactivity.

Grow consistently and steadily at the right pace for you in your practice and this will naturally create the balance that you need for your personal success.

And, as always, just keep practicing, aligning, and moving forward.

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