More About Kidecia King | Yoga-Meditation Teacher/Evidence-Based Coach (RYT200)

Hi, there! My name is Kidecia, King. I am here to support and empower you to keep practicing, aligning, and moving forward to the inner liberation and unshakable joy that is your birthright.

-Kidecia King

Kidecia King serves as a Certified, Trauma-Support Professional, Yoga and Meditation Teacher (RYT/CYT | CMT), and Certified Graduate-Level Evidence-Based Coach.

She helps dedicated Yogis, in spiritual development and/or spiritual transition, to create joy and Liberation in their lives, and on their unique Eight-Limbed journey back home to their highest Self awareness and expression.

With over 20 years of inner-development research and practice (since she has been studying and working on herself/Self since childhood), and over 10 years of experience working in the field of Personal/Human Development, Kidecia has dedicated her life to empowering meaningful and lasting transformation in individuals and communities.

Her Yoga/Meditation Training

Kidecia Has A Number Of Complementary Skills/Training

Building upon her expertise from serving trauma survivors in a number of different contexts across the US (and surviving multiple complex traumas herself), Kidecia strives to create a safe and supportive environment for all.

She works with individuals from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, life-stages, and ages. And, as a knowledgeable and well-practiced Yogi, Kidecia is skilled at supporting everyone (from beginners to advanced Yoga practitioners) with achieving alignment in their body-minds, practice, and within themselves/their spirit.

In addition to being a Certified Trauma-Support Professional, and a Yoga/Meditation Teacher/Coach, Kidecia is also trained in Nutrition, Herbalism, Natural Childbirth, and Aryuveda (among other wellness specialties and modalities), and holds advanced training designation in several other specialized areas as well.

Kidecia clearly teaches the knowledge/skill of all Eight Limbs of Yoga practice to beginner and advanced practitioners alike, and facilitates Mindfulness & Meditation classes, Pranayama/Chanting sessions and Yoga Nidra exercises in her Learning And Development Portal/Ashram. Here, she also effectively teaches Yin, Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga classes/lessons while integrating different schools of Yogic understanding into her 8-Limb-focused teaching guided by a Patanjali/Raja Yoga framework. Additionally, Kidecia provides Yoga-based pre and post natal support and education to some of her students.

Her diverse training background, paired with her strong Spiritual research experience and history, as well as her multi-disciplinary education and other complementary skillsets, make Kidecia’s teaching style unique, well-rounded, and deeply impactful.

Taken while conducting independent study research on early life/birth rituals in Varanasi, India.

Kidecia’s classes emphasize practical, science-backed, awareness and self-regulation education/techniques for body-mind-spirit balance and wellbeing.


  • Stress-management and equanimity.
  • Inner/Self awareness and mindfulness strategies for more conscious living, focus, and expression.
  • “Fitness training” for higher spiritual connection, development, Liberation, and joy.

All of Kidecia’s lessons are trauma-informed, and centered on empowering wholistic wellness and resiliency. And, consequently, Kidecia always strives to create a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate learning environment for each and every one of her students to learn, grow, and thrive within and beyond.

Being committed to advancing/deepening her skills and education in all of her areas of expertise and growing in new ways, Kidecia stays up to date on the latest (and ancient) science and methodologies in her field and maintains a strong commitment to learning and developing. She is continually upholding the highest standards of ethics and quality in her work, and engages in ongoing self-care and inner development to be her best each day.

Kidecia’s empowering and supportive teaching style, combined with her love for helping others to live in their greatest Self-expression, makes her a well-trusted and highly effective instructor.

A Little More About Kidecia

Kidecia lives a simple, self-sufficient, eco-friendly, lifestyle with her companion cat, Nina, and works from home in her Yoga-Meditation and Voice & Customer Service-based businesses, as well as her job in the global corporate travel industry.

She loves nature, cooking, crafting, yoga/meditation, singing, dancing, writing, reading, music, learning, listening/observing, and creating.

When she is not at work in one of her businesses, or doing her personal Sadhana practice (which is impossible since Yoga is her life and an inextricable part of everything that she does), she is either hiking, going on a scenic drive, contemplating, or creating or appreciating something beautiful.

Stay Connected

Please, do not hesitate to reach out at any time.

If You Are Looking For Some Meaningful Guidance Through A Difficult Change Or Transition In Your Life, Download Kidecia’s E-Book For Self-Guided Support On Your Journey. You Can Also Sign-Up To Become A Free Spirit Member Of This Community To Take Kidecia’s Yoga-Related Course That Includes A Complementary Introduction On The Guide.

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