General Overview Of My Work

Certified Yoga-Meditation Expert/Teacher, Graduate-Level Evidence-Based Coach, and Trauma-Informed Professional:

I Provide Education & Guidance To Dedicated Yogis On The Eightfold Path

Supporting whole-life, and whole-person, growth, and transformation.

My work is rooted in service: to spirit, to life, to truth, to knowledge and understanding. It is marked by humanistic practices and is guided by the power of purposeful and transformative connections, communications, expressions, and states of being.

I use my voice, presence, mind, and actions to effect positive change in myself, others, and the world, and I do this by working to help others improve themselves and their lives, but, primarily, my work is done by strengthening and maintaining higher connection within me each day.

Welcome, beautiful Creator! I am excited for us to create something beautiful together here.

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