About Me

My work is rooted in service: to spirit, to life, to truth, to knowledge and understanding.

It is marked by humanistic practices and is guided by the power of purposeful and transformative connections, communications, expressions, and states of being.

As a business owner, Independent Agent, Graduate-Level Evidence-Based Coach, Certified Yoga and Meditation Expert, Writer, Speaker, Teacher/Educator, Advocate, and Artist (among other things), I use my voice, presence, mind, and actions to effect positive change in myself, others, and the world. I do this by working to help others improve themselves and their lives, but, primarily, my work is done by improving myself each day.

I hope that you are reading this because you are doing your “soul” work too.

Welcome! I am excited for us to create something beautiful together here.

If you are visiting my website because you are looking for support through a change or transition, please note that I wrote a book for that to get you started!

If you are seeking more personalized Coaching, Training, or Teaching support from me, or if you wish to have me speak at your event or to your group, you can contact me by clicking on the following link:

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A Joyful Creator's Change and Transition Management Guide by Kidecia King

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