General Overview Of My Work

“This website combines my skills as a Certified Trauma-Informed Professional, Graduate Level Evidence-Based Coach, Yoga/Meditation Expert, Educator, Orator, Thinker, Content Creator, Artist, Writer, and Birth Advocate (to list the ones that are primarily utilized for my work here).

My work is designed to support whole-life, and whole-person, healing, growth, and transformation.”

My work is rooted in service: to spirit, to life, to truth, to knowledge and understanding. It is marked by humanistic practices and is guided by the power of purposeful and transformative connections, communications, expressions, and states of being.

I use my voice, presence, mind, and actions to effect positive change in myself, others, and the world, and I do this by working to help others improve themselves and their lives each day, but, primarily, my work is done by improving myself each day.

Welcome! I am excited for us to create something beautiful together here.

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