Yoga Eight Limbs Practice Tips/Challenges

Yoga Tip/Challenge # 17: Use The Wall

A wall can be used in a number of different ways in your Yoga practice. For Asanas, you can use a wall to create leverage, balance, support, and resistance in your poses and to perform strengthening and flexibility exercises. In addition to Asana assistance, a wall can also be used in other limbs of your … Read MoreRead More

Yoga Tip/Challenge # 16: Prepare Your Body For Movement

Avoid strain and injury by always ensuring that you perform appropriate warm-ups and preparations before engaging in Asana practice. Simple things like stretching your muscles and hydrating effectively before starting your third limb should never be neglected since these things will support you with maintaining your oath of Ahimsa. … Read More


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Useful Reminders

On Being (Beyond Illusion)

Humans are constantly looking for perfection in form when this type of perfection is not possible. Many seek perfection in their physical expression that will decay and die. Some seek perfection in their status that will mean nothing if at the end of life they did not fulfill their potential to truly know themselves beyond … Read MoreRead More

“How Do You Stay Aligned When Life Is Sometimes So Full Of Apparent/Perceived Suffering?” [Video]

The only reason for virtually all of your suffering in life is identifying with/reacting to the illusions and noise of the world as opposed to staying connected with the Truth of your Self. … Read More

Stop Judging Yourself For Every Little Thing, You Are Not Even The Same Person That You Were Half A Second Ago

Everything is constantly changing with time, and your body-mind is no exception to this truth. Remember to be gentle with yourself as you move through life. Do. Not. Become. Attached. To. Passing. Experience. Allow moods, thoughts, events, words, and experience to simply move through you. You (like anyone else) can be a raging hot mess, … Read MoreRead More


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