Your happiness, like your salvation, can sometimes be shared, but it can never be given to, or taken by, another. This is because it cannot be created or owned by another. Happiness and Salvation are things that you connect to entirely within yourself.

Though others may throw enough filth and putridity at you at any given point in life that your happiness can sometimes feel temporarily buried in their muck and in need of some deep cleaning in order to be brought back into focus, never fall into the delusion that anyone has the power to somehow take away something that only you can access, to begin with. Do not give evil more power than it deserves. Evil and the actions that propel it, can only exist in the Maya and illusion of the world and enacted by those who falsely overidentify with their deeply reinforced tortured ego. But the happiness and salvation of Love beyond illusion is always present at all times.

If a miserable person (or group) tries to steal your happiness, keep this truth in mind. Just flash them a smile or walk away and recuperate.

Remind them, through your self-nourishing Love for yourself, that what they seek can only be found within them and that, furthermore, you will not be silly enough to let go of your blessings to join them in their self-created hell (which they must certainly be burning in, to begin with, to recklessly create the karma that they do).

Remember to have compassion for those who are suffering, but disregard toward those who are evil (Sutra 33).

Fill In The Blank

Everyone has a choice on how they handle their inevitable challenges in life. Harming others for personal benefit (real or imagined), for pleasure or money (yes, there are psychopaths and sociopaths in the world), or because of careless disregard for another’s humanity beyond obvious evil-doers, for whatever reason, is…well…do I really have to spell it out?

Go ahead…fill in the blank…since we all, at our core, know the answer.

Though the answer may be expressed in different words depending on the person, the underlying Truth always remains the same.

Thank you for reading.

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