Our Foundation | The Science, Art, And Philosophy Of The Liberation Of Self | Practical Application For Ensuring Success

The foundation of our practice rests on both inner and outer work.

On this site, you will explore, integrate, become more knowledgeable about, and more practiced in, the art of living your best life (and as your greatest Self) through personal reflection, mind and body work/study, and by taking desired, required, and inspired actions toward your goals–and, more specifically, the ultimate goal of Self-Realization and spiritual liberation–each day.

These two complementary/interconnected areas of focus provide a concreate foundation for you to work with that is both proven and effective for supporting optimal personal human evolution and positive movement forward.

Your work here will be supported by numerous areas of study including age-old Yoga and Meditation practices and some philosophies (although not purely through the lens of ancient Yogic philosophy as it originated as a separate school of Indian Philosophy to the other major schools of Indian Philosophy, since we integrate different valid aspects from all schools of thought here), Chinese Qi-Gong principles (as they are applicable), and modern Coaching and Wellness Science in order to support you with being your best in this one and only life that you are fortunate to experience in your unique and particular expression.

This is a multidisciplinary space with no subscription to any specific school of thought. This is not a space to validate or refute any way of being and thinking in the world; it is, instead, a space for developing your own ways of thinking and being that supports you to be and express your best. You are not here to blindly follow or agree with me on anything; this space is here to support and empower you to reflect (upon) the Truth, and (to learn to “see” and) be your Self.

A free thinker created this space where we practice modern “Yoga” as it is applicable to us within the framework of our “modern” understanding (which we cannot separate ourselves from even if we tried, since we live in this particular time and age where we have been exposed to different things that shape our relationship with/understanding of the world and everything else, different–even if just technically/technologically–from “ancient” people).

Understanding that some words (and even concepts) that are used here (for the lack of alternative appropriate words, or a lack of ability to explain any given perspective in its entirety before any given reader interprets what is said through their ontological framework), however, it is important that you understand, before proceeding further, (and to avoid misunderstanding), that the work that we do here is independent from (although some things are interconnected to the history of all self-development and Self Awareness work in general) any orthodox philosophical framework, even when inspired by some structural aspects.

What you can clearly see and participate in here is what I, Kidecia King, have to offer as my multi-disciplinary approach to Yoga as a science within the context of other sciences, arts, and philosophies that I studied/study, paired with the insights that I personally observe(d)/gained, in my quest for answers about the Self/Reality, healing, growth, transformation, human development, and so forth.

More On Our Background/Foundation

Yoga, which means “Union” (yes, with a capital “U”), and originated in India, is a life science (intermingled with, but inherently independent from, its philosophy alone, since it a practice that is grounded in applicable human biology, psychology, spirituality–among other things). Yoga focuses on the connection between the body, mind, breath, and spirit, as well as the fusion of a person’s entire being with the Source of/beyond all creation. The Yogic lifestyle is an ancient science that provides its “practitioners” with the strongest beams of support available in “personal development” because it is well mapped out and structured in a practical and efficient way to support one to come into their greatest/highest Self expression (that goes far beyond the “person” and back to the connection to all that is) while embodied on Earth.

As a complement to the Humanistic Coaching framework that I use in my work, a Yoga framework, since this practice provides a clear outline of how to proceed with being and expressing one’s best Self in his/her lifetime, is one of the most clear, all encompassing, and effective ways that I have found for addressing all of the areas of development needed to live one’s best life in the world, and prepare to come into greater connection with the True Self beyond it.

In Yoga here, you start your practice by setting out to fully understand and accept what is often referred to as the Four Noble Truths (as it is often emphasized in Buddhist traditions). These truths state that: 1) Life has ongoing and inevitable suffering 2) there is a cause to your suffering 3) there is an end to your suffering (since everything in the universe is impermanent) 4) there is a path that will free you from all suffering, which in this space, is a framework called the Eightfold/Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga, as outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

These ideas, and the accompanying path outlined below, will serve as the practical “theory” that guides much of our work together here.

Please be mindful, however, that we will only focus on these concepts in practical and non-religious ways. We will separate your practice from any religion, ideology, or religious affiliation here, but it is my hope (if you have chosen a religious philosophy to live your life by) that this work will support the spiritual (experiential and directly verifiable, not ideo-social and based on blind belief) part of your practice in some way or another as well since I know that nurturing a healthy and meaningful inner world is an important part of being your best.

Remember please that, in my work, at my core, I am a Evidence-Based professional with a qualitative research background…so, I essentially report on what I myself have personally verified through study, insight, and observation. I hold complementary diplomas as a Certified Yoga and Meditation Expert and as a Certified Yoga Teacher who also possesses a 300hr Meditation Teacher Certification. I study and practice Yoga as a part of my everyday life (integrating a wide range of inner development practices from multiple philosophical and other schools into my work, naturally including Vedanta as well, to contextualize and support my shared insights). And I also have training in a number of different complementary self-development techniques/modalities. Everything that I use/share here is grounded in proven and practical research as well as my own personal testimony.

Furthermore, because my undergraduate degree is in Sociology (with a secondary area of focus in Comparative Literature, and I have pursued learning in numerous areas to complement my studies overall), I also inevitably explore the multidisciplinary theoretical and practical aspects of these pathways in great depth (from a wide variety of perspectives) since my life (yes, since I was a tiny little girl) has been devoted to understanding and knowing the self/Self and reality/Reality (from every angle possible) and I know that this understanding better assists in sharing the value of Yoga practice in greater depth.

If you have never pursued the Yogic path before, or have never pursued it outside of the third limb outlined below (which focuses on the physical body and stretching), or outside of the fourth limb (that focuses on breathwork), please note that the full blueprint for Raja Yoga, which we will explore in great detail here (incorporating other forms of Yoga into our framework overall as well), asks that you work on all eight aspects of your being, and these aspects are meant to be progressive and interrelated. All parts of Yoga must be practiced and mastered individually, but each limb will build upon, and support, the limb before it (and this is done cyclically throughout life).

This path is also meant to be customized to your own life and self. There is no one, perfect, way to practice Yoga (Union), and you must truly create and walk your own individual pathway in order to be successful in using it in/for your inner-development work.

The Eightfold Path of Yoga Summarized

(1-4 interface with the outside world | 5-8 interface with our inner world)

  1. Yamas (Your Code Of Conduct): The values, morals/ethics, and restraints that you choose to abide by. These include non-violence, truthfulness, self-control, non-stealing, non-greed/non-attachment.
  2. Niyamas (Your Actions in Support of Your Personal Code of Conduct): Habits and ethical practices that support your yamas. These include self-purification (of false-senses of self), contentment, self-discipline/non-acceptance of “gifts”/attachments, self-study, and devotion to a higher path/practice.
  3. Asanas (Your Physical Exercises And Care For Your Body): Physical postures and stretching of the body for longevity, optimal health, relaxation, flexibility, strength, and balance to prepare for sitting in meditation (among other benefits). This limb is focused on overall biological self-care, maintaining equanimity/healthy homeostasis, and illness preservation.
  4. Pranayama (Your Integration of Body and Mind Through Breath/Life-Force Energy Expansion): Breathing exercises and control of your breath, the number one essential element for your survival and one of the most powerful tools in your work to maintain connection and balance.
  5. Pratyahara (Your Mastery Of Your Senses): Restraint. Full control of all of your five senses/compulsions. Withdrawal from the outside world.
  6. Dharana (Your Cultivation Of A Concentrated And Well-Functioning Mind): Developing self-awareness and general awareness through concentration and single-pointed focus.
  7. Dhyana (Your Devotion To Connecting With, And Experiencing, Your Highest Expression): Meditation. Commitment to creating connection with your Divine aspects/expressions through mental clarity.
  8. Samadhi (Your Connection With And Full Embodiment of Your Highest Expression): Union with your Divine aspects/expressions through the pure experience of being.

Meditation (limb 7), and mindfulness (maintaining meditative presence/neutral observation as you live your everyday life), are the main practices that we emphasize here. Everything that we do, in other limbs before the 7th (without ever skimming through anything), prepares you to develop the skills required to attain Samadhi, which then prepares you for liberation/Kaivalya). These practices support you with gaining success on all levels of your path through reflection, concentration, focus, and the cultivation of a pure and healthy mind.

Together, these practices help you to perform the right Karmas (thoughts, speech, actions) for you, and they clearly illuminate the framework for all of what you are here to do in this space!

As we move forward, always remember that non-judgment of yourself and others (a part of engaging in non-violence) is an important part of your work.

Please know this: you do not have the right to judge any other being on this planet (although you can be honest about, and discerning of, others as you navigate through life), and this non-judgment includes non-judgement of yourself as well. Please be mindful of this as you move forward and it will make your practice even stronger and your progress much deeper and effective since you will understand clearly that even if you “slip up” and are not perfect every single day, you can simply move forward on your next attempt and still get better with continued practice. This is a part of learning and doing the work.

Life does not judge you, and it is not a test (only delusion and egoism in society/the collective socialized minds of homo-sapiens maintains these false perceptions). Since you will be improving yourself and knowing better as you progress, however, the focus here should primarily be on doing better (which simply means clearer/purely reflecting the undistorted eternal Self) each day, and on doing so one step at a time (without too much criticism or without being too attached to any “mistakes,” “flaws,” or even “awesome qualities” that you discover since, obviously, these things only exist because you are working on being more of your pure Self and are only guideposts along the way that point to what needs more work/dissolving).

You are simply here to practice and get better…so now, let’s get to work!

What, beautiful Creator, are you creating today?

Before You Go, Let’s Have a Word About A Word…

Please be sure to note, before moving forward, that the use of the term karma on this site, and in all of my work, is always in the literal, and neutral, translation of the word as actions that have a cause and effect in the world. Please further note that I do not refer to karma in the context of it’s place in ideological beliefs in supernatural curses, past lives, or future existences (in the same way that I do not believe in the existence of literal Gods and Goddesses), since this phenomena has never been proven.

If past lives are ever referenced in the context of my work (which it rarely ever is), it is only to serve as a metaphor for the different stages and transformations that we experience throughout the one physical life that we have.

All actions have an effect, this is clear, but once our life has ended, there is no evidence to prove that we come back in any other form other than dissolving back into the the atoms, stardust, and Source from which we (and all things) came. If pieces of you are repurposed, that is as far as it goes in terms of the “you” that you know coming back again. Consciousness is impersonal and all-pervasive, “you” as an unique expression is once in an eternity conscious entity even though “you” in material form exist for all of eternity.

In fact, I feel that it is imperative that we honor this truth, and one life that we have within us, in order to value it to the fullest of our abilities since the splendor and the magnificence of its reality is so much more spectacular than any story that we can invent with our minds/imagination as a species. When we do so, we can then make the most out of the one life that we are gifted with and never rely on the illusion of a past or future existence to excuse any behaviors of the past, present, or future (either on a personal or historical scale) or any state in the present. This will then better guide where we go from where we stand through the powerful reality and possibility of choice.

There is only one physical life for each of us, and victims of crimes such as slavery, the holocaust, rape, abuse of any kind, and other atrocities never did anything in a past life to deserve their fate in their present one other than exist in a world in which they were the unfortunate recipients of other people’s bad actions (or karma) guided by ignorance or hatred.

This is also important to always emphasize because this word is often overly misused, and is an area of Yogic Philosophy that I feel is often shrouded in mythology, false ideology, and lack of compassion that we can sometimes unfortunately see from many popular and well-adopted schools of thought.

Read more about karma here. Or click the image above to read the full article/post that was just noted.

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