Karma simply means actions that have a cause and effect in the world (and, if we look deeply enough, this “world” expands to include all of our greater existence as well, and does not simply end at our own personal worlds).

The term, and what it describes, therefore, is to be looked at neutrally, and fully, in order to be able to effectively recognize, and wield, its power for good before transcending it altogether.

How To Most Effectively Understand Karma In Order To Better Utilize Its Power Potential For Good

In order to gain a full and discerning understanding, and remain a neutral observer, of karma, all you have to be willing to do is to look at what the definition of the word reflects in your own life and expression with no judgement. If you think a negative thought, for example, you feel x, y, and/or z as an effect.

You can even look back further than this to what caused you to think that thought in the first place…and see that/how every thought, word, and action has a cause that it can be traced back…even beyond your individual physical birth, as some things emerge from historical, social, political, evolutionary, geological, biological, and even cosmic (ie, big bangs, asteroids, celestial events) context. Karma, in essence, is a display of the interconnectedness of all things tied together by cause and effect. It is paradoxically personal and impersonal.

Once a true reflection and understanding has taken place within you, then, with full acceptance of history, place, time, and choices (within all of existence, and not just within your immediate control–since everyone’s Karma impacts reality as it is manifested at any given moment), you can then allow a bigger picture “view” to unfold in your awareness/mind’s eye.

Now, from the point of your current, present, now experience, look at how you have the ability, even with just one thought (you will need to have already practiced quieting and observing your mind), shape what happens next in your mind, body, life, in the world, and, by extension, in all of existence moving forward, starting only with yourself.

IMPORTANT TIP! Please take as much time as you need to observe and reflect here.

If you take the time to neutrally, and truly, reflect on this, you may gain a clearer understanding of both the power of accountability/doing and taking responsibility for “right” action, and simultaneously become aware of the presence of a concept known as “divine grace” (stepping outside of the cycle of Karma in the world and back into the Liberating protection of the untouched spirit/Self) that is freely available in the now-moment and arguably serves as the most powerful tool that many have used to survive even the most horrific sufferings with their spirits unbroken.

Are you able to identify the space within yourself where this grace is eternally present and abundantly available?

When you do, then you are one step closer to freedom from the metaphorical death and rebirth of your ego and from the perpetual cycle of karma, and can then officially step into your final metaphorical birth, into “eternal salvation” (as they say in Christianity), where you can wield your inner powers more effectively to create intentional, conscious, and positive outcomes in the world around you starting with yourself, by transcending the Karmic cycle to just be your untouched, unaffected, Self.

Thank you for reading.

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