Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Empowering Liberation On Your Unique Eight-Limbed Path.

Our Learning & Development Portal is a powerful Yoga-Meditation tool, and community, for supporting those in spiritual development and/or spiritual transition to become full-fledged Yogis who succeed at securing unconditional Joy and True Liberation in this lifetime.

This is a space for all dedicated beings on the inward journey back home to their pure, and integrated, Self.

Here, you are guided to overcome the dysregulations and blockages that bind you to suffering, and unconscious Karmas, in the world so that you can achieve your highest, and most meaningful/fulfilling, spiritual goals.

Through a fusion of Yogic, natural, social, developmental, and humanistic sciences (guided by my Trauma-Informed research and work experience that is paired with my knowledge and skill in Coaching and human development, and supported by my personal understandings and direct insights gained from walking the inward path), I empower those on the Eight-Limbed journey to inner Liberation to consciously create positive, deeply enriching, and powerfully transformative changes in their lives and in themselves.

I work with those who are committed to reaching their highest potential in life (beyond attaining objects and fleeting pleasures for sense gratification) to secure their full freedom from the destructive entanglements that tie them to lower expressions and ways of being/perceiving in the world so that they can fully come into their full divine essence and Liberated joyful expression.

This website provides those who truly seek something greater than distractions, attachments, and continual avoidance of fears in life with a variety of educational tools, exercises, and resources for conscious evolution.

Whether you are starting, improving, and/or deepening your Yoga-Meditation journey and practice, this space exists for the purpose of supporting you to attain True inner Liberation, grounded in the Absolute Reality. Here, those on the inward path to lasting joy, wisdom, and freedom can find solace and support regardless of income and/or ability.

In addition to educational resources and courses, this community provides both group and individual support services to our students with personalized classes, periodic trauma and birth empowerment groups, and a wide range of customized options to suit members’ unique needs.

Through this portal, students attend regular community meetings and live classes for extra support and encouragement on their journey, and receive personalized attention that ensures that they truly gain the necessary skills and encouragement to succeed on their path. Dedicated learners also have the ability to sign-up to receive one-on-one personalized coaching support from me (based on availability) to fast-track their growth, solidify their understanding, and to secure their Liberation and Joy in this lifetime.

Trauma-Informed Yoga-Meditation For Whom And Why?

I do this work out of a compassionate calling grounded in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion as a service to our collective oneness.

Here, we value trust, honesty, and respect because we truly honor the divinity of existence, and in all beings (not just humans), and we live our values in everything that we do through humanistic and ethical behaviors that hold ourselves and each other in the highest positive regard while simultaneously (and non-judgmentally) also holding ourselves and others to the highest/purest possible standards of being and conduct, grounded in the eternal Truth of the divine Absolute Reality.

By using intelligent and clear discernment, and by resting in the Truth of Namaste through our Yamas and Niyamas, and all eight limbs of our Yoga practice, we make committed and earnest effort to be better to, and for, each other–and in/for our world and our Self–each and every day.

At Its Core, Your Trauma-Informed Yoga-Meditation Journey Here Promises To Support One Of Two Things:

Both choices have the potential to transform the world through your presence…But the latter brings the highest “reward,” of being all that you exist to be: Sat, Chit, Ananda–Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

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Full Eight-Limbed Path Support

Alignment & Restoration Classes

Trauma Support Group For “Black” Women

Birth Support Group For “Black” Women

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