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What I Do:

An Overview Of My Trauma-Informed Yoga-Meditation Work

My Trauma-Informed Yoga-Meditation work is here to empower dedicated Yogis on the spiritual path to conquer painful obstacles/distractions in their body-minds and to eliminate the misery caused by disconnection from their True Self. This work supports individuals to overcome the associated traumas that bind them to suffering in the world, so that they can create positive growth and transformation that effectively prepares them for full inner liberation and unconditional joy in this lifetime.

Through a fusion of Yogic, natural, social, developmental, and humanistic sciences guided by my Trauma-Informed research and work experience that is supported by my understandings and direct insights gained from walking the Eight-Limbed path (paired with my knowledge and skill in Coaching and human development), I support those on the Eight-Limbed Path to inner liberation to consciously create positive, deeply enriching, and powerfully transformative changes in their lives and in themselves.

I work with those who are committed to reaching their highest potential in life (beyond attaining objects and fleeting pleasures for sense gratification) to secure their full freedom from the karmic entanglements that tie them to lower expressions and ways of being/perceiving, in this world.

This website provides those who truly seek something greater than distractions and attachments to sense objects and fleeting experiences with a variety of educational tools, exercises, and resources for starting, improving, and deepening their Yoga-Meditation journey and practice. Here, those on the inner path to lasting inner freedom can find solace and support regardless of income or ability.

In additional to educational resources and courses, I offer both group and individual support services to our community with personalized one-on-one classes, periodic trauma and birth support groups, and a wide range of customized options to suit my members’ unique growth needs.

Students here have access to ongoing, and continually growing, premium content to advance and deepen their knowledge and practice, which reduces their chances of falling off their path and back into unconscious behaviors and misery, can attend community meetings and live classes for extra support and encouragement on their journey, and have the ability to sign-up to receive one-on-one personalized coaching support from me (based on availability) to fast-track their growth, solidify their understanding, and secure success on their personal inner journey.

Trauma-Informed Yoga-Meditation For Whom And Why?

My work is intended to help reduce the suffering of anyone who finds it useful in their life and on their inward Yogic journey. I do this work out of compassionate calling, as a service, to our collective oneness.

At Its Core, My Trauma-Informed Yoga-Meditation Practice Promises To Support One Of Two Things:

Both choices have the potential to transform the world through your presence…But the latter brings the highest “rewards.”

Learn More:

Please use the links below to navigate through my main service offerings.

Full Eight-Limbed Path Support

Alignment & Restoration Classes

Trauma Support Group For “Black” Women

Birth Support Group For “Black” Women

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