Enlightenment/Samadhi is a milestone.

Your Sadhana/practice is the way.

Siddhis/”powers” are a consequence.

Liberation/Kaivalya is the aim.

This freedom from the perpetual cycle of suffering caused by Karma due to ignorant over-identification with form, maintaining a false sense of self (ego–illusory social construction of identity) that binds you to lower expressions/experiences with unconscious others in the world, is the outcome.

When you attain Kaivalya/liberation/independence by letting go of everything that you are not (which is every “role” that you play in society, costume/false face that you put on and present to others–painted or otherwise–every belief/ideology that you cling to, every desire, fear, hatred, misconception, imagined projection from/within Maya, and any other “thing” that limits you and keeps you bound to form, etc…letting go of everything that is fleeting that you falsely believe defined or expressed “you”), “pure consciousness settles into its own nature” (Sutra 4.34), and you are free to be your True and full Self (unchanging, untainted, uncorrupted/undistorted) in the world (and connected to, and expressed as an aspect of, the Source/Absolute one and all that is…without ego delusion).

When you get to this state, you are free from ignorance and illusory human social-animal entrapments/suffering tied to impermanent form in relationship to life, your personal body-mind, your socially constructed ego persona, and “others.”

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