Sutra Song 1 | Atha (Now, Let’s Begin) | Sutra 1

“It’s the time to let goAnd let your blessings grow. It’s the time to let goAnd let your spirit glow.” … Read More

Sutra Songs Introduction | Podcast Episode 79

“[T]hose of you who listen to the What are You Creating Today Podcast are probably wondering: “what’s next?” … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 77: Reflections On The Seer Settling Into Its Own Nature (Sutra 4.34) | Final Sutra/End Of The Sutra Studies Series [Excerpt]

“It has been an honor to share the teachings and personal commentaries that this sacred guide extracted and drew forth from within me to pass on to you, and I dedicate this work to the power and the Love of … Read MoreRead More

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