Yoga Tip/Challenge # 22: Eustress, We Stress, Let’s All Reduce Distress

How to tell the difference between growing pains and alarming/alerting pain That Signals, And Leads To Further, Distress: If you move into pose or experience and your discomfort fades as you melt into your new position, lessens as you move … Read MoreRead More

Stop Lying: Acknowledge When It’s You

Humans are pros at making excuses (which you can simply view as the evil step-sister of perfectly valid explanations). Humans are also really well-practiced in deflecting responsibility (which is the creepy troll under the bridge toward empowerment). And humans make … Read MoreRead More

No Worries Homo-Sapien…There’s No Shame In Being An Animal

Have you ever heard someone call another person a “dog,” “snake,” “cow,” “pig” or the title of any other adorable creature and mean it to be an insult? What was more offensive or repulsive? The vicious intentions of that person … Read MoreRead More