The Monetary Cost Of Getting Structured Education & Support Here

Come As You Are! This Space Provides Equal Opportunity For All!

This space is, first, and foremost, an equal opportunity learning and development platform, and, like the Eightfold path, my teaching and support, are open to all who come to this space to honestly endeavor for inner transformation and liberation in this lifetime.

No one, who is a dedicated admitted Student in good academic/participation standing, is denied education here based on income or abilities. Doing the work that is required to move you forward is what will keep you here!

This also means that those who do have the means to pay set prices for classes and support, and to perform all that is asked without assistance, are welcome as well, and will be given the opportunity to do so at an appropriate and fair monetary cost.

Education (accompanied by initial practice) is the foundation of this journey, and to me, this work, like the connection to all spiritual knowledge, is priceless, sacred, and cannot be quantified or reduced to an exchange for cents and/or dollars (or anything else in this world for that matter, especially since life experience, inner work, and practice is the True “price” that one pays for inner “success”).

I, therefore, do not sell Yoga/Meditation education–I simply teach my insights and understandings as a form of service and I invite dedicated and discerning Yogis to join me in this space devoted to the presence of Truth (the Absolute, unchanging, Truth), and to go further if they wish to do so at a monetary cost that is fair for them individually. Walking this path is the real “reward” here, and so, how much money I make educating others is irrelevant to my calling to serve in this capacity.

Therefore, there are no “strings” attached here. I simply invite you to enter into this space with your heart and mind in the right place, which means that they are focused on the eternal Truth and on the Absolute.

What Is Free Here?

Here is what you need to know to move forward: Test this learning space out for yourself. Then move forward if this work/community elevates you. Basic Membership here is my genuine free gift to you ($0–like a no-worries, introductory, risk-free, trial version).

Do not let the word “free,” however, make you feel like you will get anything less than the best when you join at this level. I simply make this level of participation zero-pay, and without obligation, as a service to you because I want to ensure that we can thoroughly test whether we will be a good match for working together on the deeper level that you will be able to access when you eventually sign-up as a Full Student.

Your introductory gift, Free Spirit Membership, is packed with iron-clad value! This special-offer includes a growing list of specialized courses with science-backed lessons designed to support you to achieve guaranteed success on your path (if you do the work required of course), access to full premium podcast episodes where I share authoritative, deep, insights on advanced Yogic knowledge that you can use to make meaningful changes in your life and self, and so forth…

What Is The Unbeatable Bargain Of “Pay What You Can Fairly/Honestly Afford” (Scholarships And Sliding Scales)?

Full Student enrollment/participation is on an honor system of “pay what you can fairly and honestly afford.”

Both the free (introductory membership level detailed above), and the “pay what you can fairly and honestly afford” levels of participation here require undergoing an approval process–like admissions into any dedicated long-term higher learning community.

What this means is that money is not the key that will get you through the “doors” here, and passive enrollment alone will not keep you here. I sponsor/fund and maintain the free and Scholarship-based portions of this space (caring about the progress of each of my students–yes, I do monitor your progress) so that all of my students can succeed individually and as an empowered/empowering community, regardless of their financial situation at any given time.

If approved to move beyond the basic introductory level here, being a Full Student (which is paid on a sliding scale), allows you to view our exclusive premium foundational content and courses on this site as a core part of your education, and to participate in our community, live meetings, and classes at an affordable and fair price regardless of your income level.

This level of participation, which has three distinct learning paths/options (based on whether you join me as a new, intermediate, or advanced Yoga practitioner, also allows you to meet with me one-on-one for added support, and to join our continuing education classes after graduation for ongoing learning and development. This level of participation, which is completed in anywhere from 3 months to extended for life, is a sure-fire way to ensure that you create the best results possible on your journey to higher states of consciousness, and that you gain the inner fitness required to attain liberation in this lifetime.

As a Student, you will receive direct, professional, and individualized support from me to guarantee your understanding of Yogic principles and practices and to ensure your positive movement forward on your journey (so that no one gets left behind). You will get a rock-solid Yogic education that fast-tracks your self-mastery, and gain access to the reliability and effectiveness of my certified and accredited one-on-one attention to hold you accountable for transforming yourself into an official, and liberated, Yogi when you do the necessary work required to do so.

There will be no magic wand waving, empty rituals, or wishful thinking here, just clear Truth, science, and experience-backed practice that has been time-tested and proven to create legitimate results for thousands of years. And, because I am so confident in the excellent quality of education provided here, I am only open to receiving payments/monetary tips from those who gain results/benefits from my classes/lessons. I am here to Teach not to take; if you do not learn anything or gain any benefits from being here (for whatever reason), then there is no need to pay for our sliding scale classes/lessons, or to stick around.

Everyone in this learning space, whether they are at the Free level or at the Full Student Level, has one thing in common: the drive to move toward full liberation in this lifetime. It is this shared focus and “goal,” as well as the unique skills, talents, abilities, and backgrounds that everyone in our Ashram brings to this space that makes our community diverse, safe, and beautiful.

What Here Has A Set Monetary Price?

Specialized courses, Continuing Education, and one-on-one coaching, all of which go beyond your foundational Eight-Limbed education and practice (providing guidance and solutions to particular and specific issues as well as ongoing learning and practice opportunities), will have their own separate listed price. Although you can accumulate, and use, points toward all of these separate offerings, each have a designated monetary price, and are non-refundable (since at this point, you will already know whether or not you are learning and growing from the support/education provided here).

The Value Of This Structure

Please note that membership access here is tiered and based on eligibility for a reason.

Anyone can view the open-content here casually, but, to go further, you must be a Free Spirit Member. To dive even deeper, you can then become a Student, and only Students can request to receive one-on-one support from me (at a “set” monetary cost), because our true work in this space occurs within the context of a safe, trusting, sacred, and healthy student-teacher/coach relationship, and within a supportive and enriching community.

The tiered structure that you go through here allows us to gradually get to know each other and to effectively assess whether we are a good fit for working together in this important and committed way.

The educational foundation in this space is, therefore, primarily a way for us to set the groundwork for the bigger work that we do together in our one-on-one sessions and beyond. No one meets with me one-on-one until they have met the basic standards of education and have shown that they are dedicated to this work and practice, and gaining benefits/results from it.

A seed of understanding is planted when you engage with this work casually without signing up to participate. Then, from day one as a Free Spirit Member, you are being prepared to make the deeper transformation that becoming a Student, and then getting personalized coaching, are designed to facilitate.

A Summary Of Our Pricing Structure

Free Membership
Full Student Designation
Monthly Continuing Education Classes
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