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Introductory Level Access/Participation

Basic Training For Becoming A Full-Fledged Yogi Who Can Overcome The Challenges And Obstacles In Life With Confidence And Ease So That Nothing Can Derail, or Distract You, From Attaining Liberation In This Lifetime

Your Free Spirit Membership Access Includes:

  • An Introductory Course On The Yogic Eightfold Path And Liberation To Set You On A Solid Foundation For Success On Your Journey.
  • Invitations To Special Talks/Presentations, Where You Can Expand Your Yogic Understanding And Ask Any Pressing Questions That Will Help You To Effectively Move Forward On Your Path/Journey.
  • Enrollment In Our Science And Research-Backed Trauma Recovery Course That Includes Verified And Time-Tested Methodologies For Empowering You And Those You Love To Overcome The Pain Of Your Past So That You Can Move Forward To Greater Resiliency And Joy.
  • The Ability To Listen To All Full Premium Podcast Episodes For A Deeper Dive Into Foundational Yogic Principles.
  • Access To Free Downloadable Materials And Worksheets That Support You To Make Masterful Progress On Essential Mindfulness And Inner Practices.
  • Previews Of Our Sutra Studies Overviews And Check-Ins To Set The Foundation To Transition You Into A Truly Knowledgeable Individual Who Is Skilled At Navigating Through Life’s Obstacles With Confidence And Grace.
  • Guided Meditations To Cultivate Peace And Clarity Of Mind.
  • An introduction to my Joyful Creator’s Change And Transition Management Guide with an assessment to support you with the transition from the discomfort of moving away from bondage to liberation and into the full expression of all that you are in Truth.
  • Access to our Body-Mind Wellness course that provides valuable Ayurvedic and modern scientific wisdom for greater health and balance.
  • Much More!

Please note that once you have explored the introductory content here at the free level and wish to upgrade your participation, support, and knowledge, you can request to be considered (there is an admissions process) for a studentship designation. Becoming a student will give you access to more advanced resources, our community, live classes/meetings, specialized/advanced Yoga-Specific self-paced courses/guidance, and more. Full Students are also eligible to receive top-quality one-on-one personalized support from me to most effectively move forward on their journey to full spiritual liberation in this lifetime (which is the primary aim here at our Virtual Ashram).

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