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It appears (because you are viewing this page, which means that you are now one step away from entering into an expanded world of applicable Yogic knowledge) that you are ready to move beyond a casual exploration of basic Yogic concepts, and are prepared to take the initiative to start deepening your personal practice so that you can effectively create meaningful progress on your Eightfold Path.

If you are now ready to begin moving deeply inward on this journey (now that your toes are wet and you have confidence that you can safely navigate through these metaphorical waters to build greater inner proficiency, connection, and clarity), let’s start expanding your understanding of what it means to commit to your full liberation through Yoga/Meditation in this lifetime.

To begin, I will congratulate you on coming to the right place! This arrival to the right place (at the right time–noting that you are now fit enough to move forward) is an important milestone, key turning point, and vital step in your evolution. Well done!

When you become a Free Spirit Member here, you will gain access to expanded free resources on this site to enhance your Yogic knowledge, improve your personal practice, and deepen your connection with your Self, as you journey onward to full spiritual liberation. If you are now ready to move beyond the chaos, noise, and perpetual suffering in/of this world, then the inward journey into all that you are beyond the play of Maya is the right step forward.

Free Spirit Membership includes access to self-paced courses (beginner/foundational courses listed below), the ability to view exclusive content on this site, access to premium podcast episodes (required to listen to all full episodes starting from Week 35 of our Sutra Studies), access to the overview section of all Weekly Sutra Studies posts (beyond Week 20), Guided Meditations, and more.


Please note that once you have explored the content here at the free introductory level and wish to upgrade your participation, support, and knowledge, you can request to be considered (there is an admissions process) for a premium membership designation to gain access to all advanced resources, our community, live classes/meetings, specialized/advanced Yoga-Specific self-paced courses, and so forth. Full Student Subscribers/Members are also eligible to receive top-quality one-on-one personalized support from me to most effectively move forward on their journey to full spiritual liberation in this lifetime (which is the primary aim here at our Virtual Ashram).

*I am here to support you in every way possible! By becoming a member, you will also get the added benefit of joining my mailing list to receive email updates on exclusive offers, courses, and classes, and get periodic notifications on special products and events. I will never SPAM you, and you can opt-out of email updates at any time while remaining a free member.

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